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Welcome to ZasKnives We are large manufacturers and exporters in Wazirabad-Pakistan, producing of highest grade Knives, Hunting Knife, Daggers Knife,Skinning Knife, Tracker Knife, Pocket Knife,Folding Knife,swords, Rings, Jewelry and gift and also Cutlery Set, The technical force of our company is rich, The production technology is advanced with latest Machine work manufacturing facilities, great variety of goods, The modelling is unique. Our company manages the fine works, such as Damascus Knives, Daggers, Swords and billets (Bars) in various designs and sizes. We use Stag Horn, Buffalo horn, engraved Bone, camel bones, Zinc, brass, brown wood and color wood for handles of different type of knives. Upon receipt of your drawings or samples, we could submit our samples with competitive prices to you.And Please be aware from the clowns who mostly stole the pictures and put on his shop so please be Aware and confirm first the original seller because mostly sellers using same pictures which they stolen Specially These Shops Stole The pictures which we are going to mention Please be Aware From These Fraud Sellers ( Knifehouse) ( RockBlades) ( cheers:)Less « More »