Peyote and Loom-Beaded Hat Bands

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Thursday, December 2, 2021 - WAS JUST NOTIFIED BY ARTFIRE THAT THEY ARE SHUTTING DOWN THE END OF 2021. I'VE BEEN WITH THEM FOR ELEVEN YEARS. I CURRENTLY ONLY HAVE ABOUT 20 HATBANDS, AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ON MY WEBSITE! ALREADY BEADED ON CLEARANCE AND UNABLE TO TAKE ANY ORDERS UNTIL AFTER THE NEW YEAR. Which then you won't be able to see any of my listings because Artfire will no longer be active on the internet! HOWEVER, I do currently have the 20 Hatbands Completed and reduced at least $40 off their original price. Ready to ship, "ON SALE" in my two categories, "IN STOCK TODAY" and "ON SALE IN STOCK BEADED HATBAND" ..WITH A SALE PRICE REFLECTING $40 OFF the original prices!! Click on Catalog below, and then click on either of these two categories to see the completed sizes and which ones are available, on CLEARANCE, only through 12/30/21!! Most fit average size! Hope I have something completed you like. For any purchase of all my other hatbands listed, as previously sold or currently one not readily available in the description, or for a custom order, you'll have to contact me by email directly at as my hatbands will no longer be seen on the internet or defunct Artfire platform in 2022. Please jot down my email address for future reference before this website is no more. It is currently the busy winter snowbird season in my town now, December-March and I attend activities, dances and entertainment with friends during this much needed fun time by all, so my time for beading is more available April-October! Thanks Andrea...….. More »