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Welcome! I'm designer Anni Leeza and this is my Boudica Bags Collection. My handbags are one-of-a-kind handmade clutches, handbags and bridal clutches. All items READY TO SHIP. I’m offering a 15% SALE at the moment. My bags are often embellished with vintage jewelry pieces. Some are designed with my own hand-designed fabrics. I’ve shown my bags at Bluebird Art Gallery in Denver. Creating definitely puts me in my happy place. I have been designing most of my life, including the design and construction of dance costumes. Hence, my love of all things shiny! GIFTS: Boudica Bags offers beautiful handmade gifts for any woman and the bride on her special day. A Boudica Bridal clutch or handbag would make an excellent bridal shower gift. Anni Leeza More »