Welcome to zany_artist

Hello, World! Isn't it awesome we can buy and sell from people all over the globe! Here in my shop you will find goodies made by me. Lampworking is my passion, and has been for the years since I discovered I can be creative with fire and glass! Beads, bead sets, jewelry...you just don't know what is in store for you here. My glasswork is created on a Nortel torch with either an oxygen concentrator or tanked oxygen. I anneal my beads for strength and durability in a Paragon kiln. I have had my beads published in the Bead Review 3 book, and also in the Silver Exchange 3 ebook, along with many famous and not famous but certainly talented lampworkers. I have taken classes from Anne Ricketts (co-founder of the Fireflies) and Corina Tettinger (author of Passing the Flame) Bronwen Heilman, Hayley Tsang to name a few great teachers who helped me along the way. Please feel free to ask about custom orders! More »