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Many people ask me how I am able to provide an enormous variety of snap designs for  such low prices... so here is some background information to help answer those questions.

Firstly, I buy the supplies and snaps in bulk. By doing so, I can pass the discount I receive from my vendors onto you. Having wholesale accounts with these vendors allows me to have an immense number of snaps available for very reasonable prices.

Secondly, I make a large portion of my own snaps. I constantly have thousands of snaps to be made. I never stop searching for new patterns and ways to bring you the best collections to choose from. I design the patterns, drawings, effects, coloring, etc. I make acrylic snaps, as well as snaps made from resin and polymer clay. I also have agreements with overseas suppliers who manufacture snaps according to my request. I have even bought and paid royalties to use some of the images listed on the website.

A few years ago I used to operate two other stores on Etsy, one for Polymer Clay, and another one solely for jewelry. Once I opened the snap store, unfortunately I had to close the other ones due to lack of time. To this day, I incorporate the experience and skills I gained from my previous stores in my current snap making process.

While on Etsy I achieved 60,000 orders and 10,000+ positive feedbacks.

Overall, I run this business by myself and occasionally with my son's help.

I started this business in a small part of my home office in 2013, and now I moved to a new home where I have over 500 sq ft entirely dedicated to my snap & craft addiction... :)

Welcome to BeClayzy!