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Missoula, MT, United States

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Beading in the Rain, Inc., specializes in Vintage Swarovski crystal, aftermarket coated beads, stones & pendants!


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Our company, Beading in the Rain, Inc., specializes in Vintage Swarovski crystal, aftermarket coated beads and stones such as Rivoli's, Dentelle's and various glass beads, crystal pearls. We are always expanding our inventory! Please come back often to see what new sparkly goodies can be found in our store! You won't be disappointed in our selection!Please take the time to read the following as there is important information!About our Crystal - Our crystal is authentic Swarovski. We do not sell fake crystal or beads. We always caution our customers to be careful when purchasing Swarovski online. If the price is too good to be true, you are more than likely buying fake. About our Special Aftermarket Coatings:As many of you know, there is a new trend in town regarding special coating on Swarovski Crystal that is not applied by Swarovski. Swarovski allows special coatings to be done on their crystal and this is in part to the impossibility of keeping up with the demand in an ever changing fashion industry. There are rumors being told to discredit the efforts to bring new and exciting color combinations to our beading community. I am writing this to assist in squashing the rumor.I will begin by saying that these specially coated beads are not easily obtainable. What is not being communicated is that there are minimum purchases. We are required to coat at the very minimum a full factory package which can range from 10 gross (1440 pieces) to 24 pieces. Additionally, there is also a shipping expense in this venture. Typically, the crystals arrive here in the United States from Austria and then they are shipped again back overseas for the special effects coating. Upon an order, it can take 6+ weeks for them to arrive back to the US. Other risks include receiving damaged beads which can occur in the coating process these damaged beads which we then careful examine and take out any damage from our sales stock. In comparison to Swarovski coating, I personally think all of the coatings are equally as nice to Swarovski Coatings. A fabulous example is the Glacier Blue coating; I find Glacier Blue to have just as much brilliance and fire as the Crystal AB coating done by Swarovski and in fact, in comparison of Glacier Blue Coatings done by Swarovski and by the outsourced company, I find very few variations. I will say that there are some coatings that are not 100% exact but with those coatings come a new color for the jewelry designer. Our company, Beading in the Rain, Inc. decided to make the costly investment to be able to offer our customers more variety. As many of you know, I bring in new coatings often and we now have a very nice variety and inventory to offer. I have personally fallen in love with these new coatings as have many of you! Caring for your Crystals: Please do not clean with soap and water or bathe with your crystals on. To clean, simply take a chamois cloth and gently wipe any smudges away. Do not rub vigorously. Perfumes can also affect any coating, whether it is a Swarovski or an aftermarket coat. Please do not allow perfume to touch your coated crystal.Purchasing: Coatings are like yarn, the colors can change from run to run. We recommend that you purchase what you need for a project as there could be slight variations in our next run. If you have any questions, please contact me at: judi@beadingintherain.comThank you for taking the time to read the above information. Please come back often to see what new sparkly goody can be found in our store! You won't be disappointed in our selection! Happy Beading!Judi

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