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Madison, TN, United States


I have a lot of different interests and really enjoy trying new things. I'll list just a few, in no particular order: World Travel, Wildlife and Nature, Wood Burning, Sewing, the Bible, History, Cross Stitching, Science and Biology, Painting, Gnomes, Owls, Pets, Calligraphy, Legend of Zelda, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, The Wheel of Time, Reading and Learning, Pokemon Character Design, etc.

Skills and Techniques

I make all my own templates and stencils and draw out all my own designs. If I've made it before, I can make it again.

Get to Know

I'm a small time nomadic crafter seeking to share what I love to do with a broader audience. One day, when I finally reach my "Someday," I'll have a proper, cozy, uniquely whimsical crafting studio. For now, a small section of my super cute and quirky little rental home will do.

I learned several different sewing techniques from my wonderful mother at a very early age. I also dabble in a bit of wood burning and painting from time to time. I started selling online back in 2013 as hobby. Shortly thereafter, certain serious health issues I’d been battling for several years worsened to the point that I was unable to put any time at all into it. By mid 2016, I was back on track and finally able to craft again, continuing to use DaraCreek as a hobby and outlet for my creativity, while still remaining focused on the “job that paid the bills” which (thankfully) I also highly enjoyed.

Along came August of 2020 and the “job that paid the bills” was, like so many other small businesses, forced to permanently close due to Covid-19. I figured now is as good a time as any to put in the extra work and attempt to really get DaraCreek going in between searching for new full time employment. And that brings us to today!