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Davidson , Nc, United States


My first piece of jewelry was on full display when I was two years old and holding my baby sister, that gold ring and bracelet was my most cherished item back then! I have since amassed an array of different styles of jewelry, some relative to the time and some timeless! I endeavor to create what makes you smile each time you wear a piece of my designs.

Skills and Techniques

I have developed a love for rustic and boho design, I collect various beads and pieces from around the world and from wonderful artisans and then start the process of design. I do hand wire each piece using various strengths and colors of wire, mostly vintage shadings of patina and copper.

Get to Know

My inspiration to begin designing and sharing my jewelry came from many trips to beaches and the mountains and browsing other's creative endeavors and struck out on my own not long ago to feed my soul.

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