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Belfast, Antrim, United Kingdom

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Handmade Jewellery and Accessories just for you!


metal, silver, copper, crochet, beads, jewelry,

Skills and Techniques

Wire wrapping, beading

Get to Know

I've been a maker my entire life, I've grown from a small doodling child that would get into trouble for drawing on the walls
into a teen that went to school primarily for the love of art classes
and now into a mature craftswoman who finds a great pleasure in creating objects of beauty for myself, my family, my home and my customers.

I attended university in the UK studying jewellery design and Metalsmithing. But came to find what I love best rather by accident. When I got married myself I had a completely DIY wedding and realised that my creativity and passion for bridal were something I could share with others and use to support myself and my family.

I am a mother and a wife, I have the most beautiful family life.