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Branson, MO, United States

Quick Blurb

There are so many people that are difficult to buy for!!! Let us help you! We cut for almost any interest.


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Skills and Techniques

All of our designs cut cut by hand with a small jewelers saw. We drill holes in the coin to get into the middle and then we clamp it and cut away :) You must be very precise as every nick shows.

Most of our design ideas come from our customers of over 28 years. We have cut many designs for almost every type of interest. If you do not see what you want then contact us please and we can design something just for you.

Get to Know

We are a family business that has been cutting coins for 28 years at our shop that was in Branson MO. We are always looking for more and more ideas for unique pieces. It is our goal to provide something for everyone. We actually had thousands of designs built up in our shop but have only recently looked into selling seriously online. We are still in the process of getting them here in Etsy.

Have you every not known what to get someone? There are so many people that are difficult to buy for!!! Let us help you!

If you do not see exactly what you want then please message us. We may already have it. We also specialize in personalized jewelry. We want to appeal to every interest, every hobby, and every type of person. All of our work is cut by hand with a jewelers saw. We have very good pictures so you can see just how detailed and precise we cut. Please look around, we are very proud of our craft and strive to make every piece Perfect for you.