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Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States

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All items are handmade, many using natural or recycled materials. Owl Hollow is in the beautiful mountains of east Tennessee.


Jewelry, metal fabrication, photography, music, gardens, painting, drawing---a wide variety of artistic forms, and numerous other interests.

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Owl Hollow Studio showcases the handmade works of a daughter and mother. Both were raised and live with a great love of nature, animals, and an appreciation for all good things that surround us. The simple things of life are what matters most.
Owl Hollow Studio is located in the eastern Tennessee mountains where natural beauty and wildlife abound. Owl Hollow is not just a name. The hollow itself is a real place, once well known for its moonshine made from the pure mountain streams. At the base of our mountain, the land is filled with mineral springs, though many are covered over today. From the 1870's to the 1940's, summers were a busy time here. The area had several hotels where tourists from the city and the ill would come to stay for the summers to enjoy the clean mountain air and drink the mineral waters which were believed to improve their health. Today, nothing remains of the old hotels but for a few ruins here and there. Owl Hollow remains a peaceful and beautiful place, not yet filled with the mass development that will soon come. Deer and wild turkey are still seen daily, as well as a black bear now and then. Coyotes are regularly heard at night here. Owls, well, we have many of those too.
Currently the focus of the online shop is handmade jewelry. Daughter and mother both are jewelry artists, as well as working with many other art forms. Paintings, photography, mixed media collage, and various other art forms may well be offered in the future, but for now, the online store offers mainly jewelry.
All of the jewelry is handmade. We strive to be eco-friendly in a reasonable way. Much of the work is in copper. Some of the copper used is recycled or reclaimed. Many natural stones, seeds, nuts, woods, and some recycled glass, and assorted other natural items are used. We do not use any products from rare or endangered plants or animals. We also make some pieces from reclaimed or repurposed vintage pieces. This will be specified in the item description. Creating jewelry is a passion for us. We hope you enjoy the pieces as much as we enjoyed making them.

GALLERY INFO: The items shown in the studio Gallery tab are pieces that have been sold. Information given when you click on one of the pictures is the info that was shown at the time the piece was up for sale. Some were one of a kind pieces that will not be available again. If you see something in the Gallery that you are interested in, you can email to find out the availability and the price. Use the "Contact" on any studio page or send your email to: owlhollowstudio@gmail.com