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In April 2013 we began with a restaurant on a high street, in New Delhi, India reaching out & spending way more than we had. As we tried to make ends meet with the little money left in our pockets during the setup & renovations we decided to make our own glassware that would be used in the restaurant to save some bucks. Sales at the restaurant were slow in the beginning, but after a couple of months things started to change in our favour. Our recycled glasses & lights were a great hit. The idea got a lot of attention by the media & our clientele. Unfortunately the restaurant had to be shut down due to some licensing problems. We were in a state of shock, feeling helpless with no resources to move the restaurant to another location. We had no idea of what we should do. We decided to take up RECICLAR FACTORY as a full time occupation since.

Reciclar Factory is a now a Toronto, Canada based Green company that re-purposes glass bottles, reclaimed wood, metal, plastic into unique, useful & creative products. Our act to create something useful out of waste coupled with growing trends of eco friendly living inspires us everyday to give empty wine, beer, liquor bottles & all kinds of other glass bottles new lives in the form of drinking glasses, platters, planters, candles, lamps, jewelry, vases & art. Our products are handcrafted from 100% post-consumer materials in our effort to honor our “green” commitment.

PALLET PLAY is Reciclar Factory's wood recycling division that repurposes used waste pallet / skid wood into stylish items to match your home & office or restaurant. Our products are handcrafted with utmost finesse such that each product turns-out to be a piece of art. PALLET PLAY product range includes Furniture, wine racks, lamps, home décor, and much more.

WasABottle is Reciclar Factory's Glass division that repurposes used waste Liquor, Wine, Gin, Vodka, Beer Bottles into stylish items to match your living. Our glassware products are handcrafted with utmost finesse such that each product turns-out to be a piece of art. Was a Bottle product range includes glasses, lamps, home décor, serving platters and more.

While we minimize the carbon footprint by up-cycling glass, wood, plastic, metal into highly appealing lifestyle products, you reintroduce our products out of waste into your lifestyle back yet again in the form of eco-friendly lifestyle products with a modernistic charm.