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Chennai, TN, India

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Arayanaya offers an exclusive line of top quality and designed clothing for women. Our clothes have a great look and feel to


Designer Tops,Embroidered Tunics,Fashionable Tunics

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Araynaya offers an exclusive line of top quality and designed clothing for women and men. Our clothes have a great look and feel to them with many different styles, colors and designs that are unique and found only here at Haas. All clothing is made from 100% top quality fabrics.

Arayanaya is committed to the idea of winning the trust of its fashion conscious customers by making their buying experience comfortable, knowledgeable, and pleasurable and more important offering them a unique collection of clothing, jewelry and gift items at highly discounted prices.

We offers its customers throughout the world an impeccable service marked by secure payment, rapid delivery, original packaging, returns and efficient customer service by phone and e-mail and chat. Arayanaya has international mindset and a multicultural vision always open to new collaborations.

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The Company
Arayanaya began selling its cloths to importer, retailer and wholesalers since 2006 when as a regular wear of fashion cloth; I was becoming increasingly annoyed at the price one had to pay for quality fashion wear. Having a financial background, I was convinced that much of the grossly inflated price was paying for expensive retail outlets and boardroom salaries, rather than quality attire. I have since proved this to be true - hence the concept of selling exceptional fashion cloths directly to customers, and passing on the savings.

Based in USA and India, with a heritage rooted in the textile industry, we have amassed a considerable knowledge of fine fabrics and the tailoring skills these require. The result is a collection of impeccable fashion for business and less formal occasions, together with a distinctive range of Collection, all sensibly priced due to minimum overheads.