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Lexington, SC, United States


Drawing, sculpting, woodworking, interior design.

Skills and Techniques

How I work depends on what I am doing. When creating a new pewter or wood design I sometimes, but not always, start with a sketch of what I want to make. Many times I have what I want well enough in my head that I skip the sketch phase. When starting a new pewter design I sculpt it first in wax and once complete I have it molded that it may be cast in pewter. Wood designs are pretty simple in that I can get a new design done fairly quickly without the whole mold making process. Wood orders take more time to produce though in that I have to make each piece whereas once a pewter design is done I simply cast metal into the mold. One way or another there are many steps and processes to obtain the desired result with any design.

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Get to Know

My name is Edward Carlton, but since childhood I used the name Ware for all of my art. Ware is my father's last name. I personally design and craft all of my products. I make it a point to not look around at other companies' hardware so that mine can truly be unique. My head is full of designs that I am eager to make. If you are looking for something that I do not have, I am willing to help you produce it. All of my products are made right in my home studio. I personally fill each order, trying to go out of my way to make sure that my customers will be pleased with the quality of each piece.
Art and design have always come naturally to me. As a young man, I apprenticed as a model-maker/sculptor, making prototypes for various toy, jewelry and giftware companies. I apprenticed under a master sculptor; wonderful training that taught me to not settle for mediocre results but to strive for perfection. I went on to do work for Hasbro, The First Years, Rawcliffe, Reed and Barton, McFarlane Toys and others as either a direct contractor or sub-contractor. You may even have some of my work in your home already!
After many years of model-making I went on to do contracting, doing finish work in peoples' homes. My favorite finish work being woodworking. To me it is akin to sculpting. I enjoy when I have the opportunity to do fine work.
Ware Design Works came about from my desire to move away from making other peoples' designs to making my own.