Herb Craft: Mugwort Potion - Dispels Negative influences.


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Herb Craft: Mugwort Potion - Dispels Negative influences.


Often times people absorb negative influences around them because they have ingrained beliefs about gloom which they adopted at some point in their lives. This absorption keeps one entranced in a spell.

Herb Craft: Mugwort Potion - Dispels Negative influences.

Ingest from a small drinking vessel as needed to come out of the trance of negativity.
Mugwort Potion offers Protection.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Each Sacred Rose Herb & Root Potion Opens a Pathway for the Self to Restore Balance with the Magic of Nature.

Materials Used

Mugwort, herbals, botanicals, roots,

Product Attributes

Pattern: Ways of Old

Color: Black

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