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Organic Marion Blackberry Seeds - 20 Count

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Organic Marion Blackberry Seeds - 20 Count


Organic Marion Blackberries
Rubus fruticosus
Marionberry, Merrionberry

Description: The Marionberry is a vigously growing, trailing type Blackberry plant, it is a cross between the varieties 'Chehalem' and 'Olallie' blackberries. The Marionberry is currently the most common blackberry cultivar accounting for almost one-half of all blackberries grown commercially and by home gardeners.
Fruit: 3/4 (.75) inch by 1.5 to 2 inch long, deep Purple/Black berries that are very sweet. The fruits hold up well and store (Generally) longer than most other types of Blackberries.
Fruit Color: Deep dark Purple to Black. The Marionberries will be bright red with Yellow highlights until they are ripe, and then will take on a glossy Purple/Blackish coloration.
USDA Zones: 3b to 8b, and to elevation throughout the USA and Canada
Foliage: Green, minimal autumn coloration
Blooms: White to yellow depending on soil conditions.
Soil pH: Marionberries prefer a slightly acidic soil pH from 6.5 to 7.3 for best results
Soil: Most soils, however, the more organic, loamy the soil in the planting location is, the better the plant will establish, grow, and produce.
Height: Height is a variable that is difficult to put a number on, you can allow the plant to grow naturally, and it may have shoots that reach up to 8 feet in height, or you may grow in a container, where the height will be about one half the total diameter of the plant.
Spacing: If you are not wild-sowing the seed, then spacing the plants out 3 feet apart in rows and a minimum of 2 feet between plants is suggested.
Growing: Sow Marionberry seeds in early Fall or throughout Spring in well-drained soil that contains no less than 20 percent humus and organic matter. Blackberries prefer sandy loams amended with coarse sands or clays. As vigorous growers, Blackberries need a good amount of space, so space plants about 3 feet apart. They are not deeply rooted plants, so cover growing plants with only about 4 to 6 inches of well amended soil or compost.
Sowing Depth: Sow to a depth of 1/2 (.50) inch in well-draining, organically amended soils.
Spread: Depending on location, growing conditions and other factors, your plants can grow to spread of up to 8 feet.
Sun/Shade: Marionberry plants in general prefer sun, and lots of it! Dappled shade can be tolerated, however there will be a drop off in fruit production as you add more shade to the plant.
Pollinator: Wind, bees, insects, hummingbirds, many other wildlife pollinators are attracted to this plant to help.
Yield: Depending on your planting location and available sunshine, however, you can expect from 3/4 (.75) pound to up to 8 or more pounds from a single plant. Container plantings do not produce as much fruit, and plants that are allowed to mature in the ground will bear more and more fruit each year,
Color: The foliage is a deep dark green that showcases immature berries as red against the green. And when the fruits mature, they stand out beautifully with deep, dark, plump Purple/Black fruits.
Watering: Water, water, water, these plants love water, and when you are establishing them, the need daily drinks, maybe sometimes twice a day if you are having heat stress. Watering is best when done by misting the plants, keeping the leaves, berries and top level of soil moist without saturating the roots. While the plant is producing fruit, increase watering. Daily watering to keep plants and berries moist will aid crop production.
Fertilizer: Compost is the best fertilizer that you can use, with some natural leaves from the growing area added as a buffer/balancer for the soil to acclimate the plant as it establishes. If you must use commercial fertilizer (We do NOT recommend this method), a 20-20-20 fertilizer will suffice. Feed blackberry bushes again when they are blooming in midsummer. Do this only if your bushes are not thriving. Apply organic matter, such as well-rotted manure, compost or leaf mold in late fall or early winter. Use 25 pounds for every 25 square feet when planting raised beds. Organic matter decomposes and adds nutrients to the soil slowly. A yearly supply of organic matter also helps the soil retain supplemental nutrients (fertilizer) and water, and it improves water drainage, a must for blackberry bushes.
Pruning: If you wish, you can prune back your Marionberry plants each season, they will grow more vigorously the following season with a proper, and not too aggressive pruning. If you wish to allow them to grow in their natural state and flourish naturally, you will only have to remove any deadwood at the beginning of each growing season, and occasionally (After a storm) throughout the season. After harvest, prune old or dead canes from your Thornless blackberry plant. Make the cuts near the crown and clean up any debris from the soil. To prevent the spread of disease, burn or discard all old or dead plant material. Prune damaged or weak canes as well, leaving at least four to eight new shoots on each cane. Remove the tips of the current season’s growth to encourage lateral branching. In the spring, before new growth forms, prune lateral branches back to about 12 inches to encourage larger fruit production.
Trellising: Supporting your Marionberry plant with a trellis allows air and sunlight to reach all parts of the plant. There are a variety of trellis systems that work, but a good basic design uses wire stretched between posts that are set into the ground about 20 feet apart. For semi-trailing varieties, attach one wire 3 feet up the pole and another 5 feet up. Attach a single wire about 30 inches from the ground to trellis erect varieties. Begin training the plant to climb the trellis by tying new shoots to the wire when they reach about 4 to 6 feet long. Do not bunch shoots together. If you don’t wish to trellis your plant, trim the tops of new canes during the summer months, limiting growth to about 3 to 4 feet.
Harvesting: When the Marionberries are ripe, or are just turning (As some like to harvest for a much tarter berry). Handle blackberries carefully. Try and consume them as soon as possible. Never wash or hull blackberries until you want to have them. Unwashed berries should be refrigerated immediately. Soft, overripe berries should be removed for immediate consumption. Smashed or moldy berries should be discarded. The remaining berries should be blotted dry with a paper towel. Place them in a box or spread them on a shallow plastic pan or plate. Cover with a paper towel and wrap with plastic. Fresh blackberries generally last for 2 days. But they can be frozen and enjoyed all the year round.
Harvest Timeframe: The Marionberry ripen in late June to early September, occasionally later is in shade or placed under stress from lack of water.
Comments: Blackberries, including Marionberries, in general grow equally well in fields, gardens, and container locations. Many people grow them in raised beds to better control the fruit production, water, and other environmental factors.
Health Information: High in antioxidants, healthy flavonoids, and vitamins, Marionberries are a great addition to your diet, and they are fun to eat. A good daily supply of vital nutrients is required for a glowing and perfect skin. Marionberries are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They also offer the highest levels of some antioxidants – higher than blueberries and strawberries too. The very dark color of the fruit is proof of its high antioxidant level. Anthocyanocides and polyphenols are two antioxidants found in abundance in blackberries. These help in fighting free radicals throughout your system.

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Kirby Foster
May 2017


tashton on Jan 4, 2020
1 stars

I asked a question three times about some seeds I purchased from them. still waiting for answer. Its been over two weeks. I won't buy from them any more.
Steve_Haak_d1d671 on Jun 15, 2018
1 stars

Purchased monkey puzzle tree seeds. They arrived on time and in acceptable packaging, but the seeds are way too tiny. This type of tree produces large seeds, usually 1.5 to 2 inches in length. The seeds I received where not even 1/16 of an inch. Emailed seller twice regarding my surprise and concern and have not received a response. My recommendation: Find another seller.

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