Build Your Own USA Military Dog Tag Kit (Silencer/Tag/Ring Options)


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Build Your Own USA Military Dog Tag Kit (Silencer/Tag/Ring Options)


About Our Product And Service

Protect your dog with our Military Style Pet Identification tags for durable and forever lasting Pet ID collar Tag. Your pet depends on you for the best pet identification, which allows you to list key contact information, including your pet's name, phone number, and an address and more information if needed. You can enter up to 6 lines of personalized text, there's plenty of room for all of your pet's important information on our tags. Our engraving is clear, permanent, and attractive on a quality Anodized Aluminum pet ID tag for your dog's collar.

You Build your own Dog Tag by selecting options you desire. Our Dog Tags make an awesome necklace by selecting the ball chain or if you want a key ring, select the 1" split ring to fit all your keys on a single ring. You can use it as property identification as well by selecting the small 1/2" split ring. For pet ID tags. the 3/4" split ring works well.

We are so confident in the durability and quality of our Pet ID tags that we offer a permanent real engraving with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Exclusively by our PetProMart brand ID tags. DO NOT SETTLE For cheap Engraving that fades over time, Our PetProMart Permanent Engraving is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the official use of American personal identity tags, affectionately known as "dog tags," recently passed without fanfare. Dog tags are highly personal items to warriors of every service and to their families as well. Each dog tag carries its own human-interest story. The acts of receiving the dog tag, hanging it around the neck, and feeling it against the body constitute a silent statement of commitment. The tag itself individualizes the human being who wears it, despite his or her role as a small part of a huge and faceless organization. While the armed forces demand obedience and duty to a higher cause, dog tags, hanging under service members' shirts and close to their chests, remind them of their individuality. They bring comfort and help calm the fears of soldiers facing death: "I do not want to be forgotten; I do not want to become an "unknown." Now "dog tags" are personalized for pets so you can find your lost pet. Like the soldier doesn't want to be forgotten, pet owners don't want their pets to be lost.

Materials Used

Package Includes:
1 each - Personalized Pet ID Tag
1 each - Silencer (Optional)
1 Each - ~ 28"-30" Ball Chain Necklace (Optional)
1 Each - ~ 1/2" Property Ring (Optional)
1 Each - ~ 3/4" Pet Split Ring (Optional)
1 Each - ~ 1" Key Ring (Optional)

More Info

Add your personalization:

1) Build your own Dog Tag by selecting the options you desire.
2) Add your item to the shopping cart.
3) In the Sellers Note Section at Check-Out, include your personalized information that you want engraved on the Dog Tag (see below for guidelines).

Enter up to 6 Lines of text each side of tag (optional) and up to 20 characters per line. Characters include spaces and punctuation.
For larger text or if you want it similar to the picture display, add only 2-3 lines of text.
Note: We color text on our engraving. Light colors get black or brown coloring. Dark colors get light coloring (gold, silver, white, and mint green)
As shown in the picture slide, we provide six (6) popular font styles: Normal, Bold, Roman, Modern, Stretch and Script (for initials).
Please specify any special instructions as applicable, i,e., font style or font color.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Aluminum Tag, Silicone Silencer, Stainless Steel Split Ring

Size: Standard Dog Tag 1 1/8" x 1 15/16"

Pattern: Solid Colors

Color: Black

Style: Military Dog Tag w/ 1" Split-Ring

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