Same Day Clairvoyant Psychic Reading | Or Custom Spell Casting


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Same Day Clairvoyant Psychic Reading | Or Custom Spell Casting



Cheap eye-opening Same Day psychic instant messaging chat through WhatsApp, Messenger, or Skype.

Unlimited Questions giving Immediate On The Spot Answers. Eases all your worries!

Schedule the reading for the same day. (Often within the hour!!!) I also chat in the early hours if it's urgent ☺

Operating on the principal of first come first served, I promise to deliver within 24 hours.

Become a part of changing your destiny with this interactive Psychic chat in direct communication with the Divine Host of 72 angels.

If you have ordered a spell or are thinking of ordering one, I will converse directly with the specific named angels and the Lords of Karma who will be involved in your Spell Casting

Or if you prefer with this listing, I am able to deliver a highly detailed email 1, 2 or 3 question reading in under 24 hours.

In either case i'm able to read on nearly all subjects. You name it :)

Please let me know when placing your order whether you prefer an email reading or a psychic chat.

SPELL CASTING (Angelic Prayer and Sacred Scroll Writing)

An angelic prayer will be channelled from the angels specific to your request. This will be written down to form a Sacred Scroll and spoken aloud, calling on named angels who have come through to help you

The ritual will be repeated over the amount of days required.

1 Spell Cast = Basic No Frills Casting giving an energy around your wishes lasting for 1 month.

3 Spell Castings = Very Strong Triple Casting giving Potent Self-Repeating energies around your wishes lasting for 3 to 4 months.

Full Moon Power Casting = An Extremely Super Powerful Triple Casting. Works to attract something to you.

New Moon Power Casting = An Extremely Super Powerful Triple Casting. Works to banish anything negative

7 Spell Castings = Your dreams will be fulfilled with this hard working Blissful Blessing Spell Casting with Super Powerful, Super Potent Self-Repeating energies valid for a whole year! Now it is time to enjoy the finer things in life!

21 Spell Castings = A Lifetime Casting giving Super Powerful, Super Potent Self-Repeating energies around your wishes for a whole Lifetime! Used in cases where you wish your target to be yours for life!; or in cases where you want your Spell Casting to never give up, when faced by a road block or obstacle, for example.

30 Spell Castings = Permanent Eternal Casting giving a self-repeating energy around your wishes for infinity throughout Eternity. Comes with a permanent seal of eternity!

Used in marriage, twin flame, soulmate, Hard to Budge or Impossible Cases. The Mother of all Spell Castings!

Your ritual will be recorded as an mp3 and will be sent to you by Email.

Negative situations will be turned into Positive.

I will become your Fairy Godmother.

All your wishes will be granted with great positivity and potency.

Each Custom Spell can be Tailored to your personal situation, simply by having an angelic reading.

You may list up to three customized points of special focus regarding your required result of this magick. Each point should follow a singular theme and goal.

This is not dark/shadow/wicca/white work. This is Light Work : Angelic Divine Spell Casting with the Intervention of the Lords of Karma where necessary (if your target has karmic debts to pay)

Using pure angel magick. Karma Free for you and for me - All requests are referred to the Lords of Karma for approval.


Alot of people despite reading this are placing an order for a spell first. Please understand that any spell cast for you, if going against the laws of Karma can have serious consequences!! You may wish to take the risk, but I'd rather not. I work to protect us both.

The reading checks to see if we have agreement from the Lords of Karma and what result you're likely to see once your spell is cast. This is a precautionary reading. Any extra questions like timing etc would require a 2-3 question reading.


Break Up
Obsession Love Desire
Lust and Attraction
Make the Move
Sweeten Him/Her Up
Road Opener
Reveal Your Lies
Save your Relationship and Stop Your Partner from Cheating
Take Interest In Me Again
Desire Me
Shower Me with Gifts
Heal the Rift
Align Energies in Divine Love (For Twin Flames)
Clear Runner Phase
(For Twin Flames)
Aura Cleansing
Emotional and Spiritual Healing
Confidence and Courage
Alleviating ill health
Attract Your Divine Soulmate
Faithful and Yours Only
Marriage Proposal
Third Eye Opening
Spiritual Gifts Development
Curse and Hex Removal
House Blessing
Space Clearing
Protection against all evil
Protection against diseases
Immense Shield and Forcefield
Protect your Pet
Bad Luck to Good Luck
Banishing Negative People/Spirits
Remove Entities/Attachments/Implants/Djinns/Demons
Anti Theft
Past Life Karma Removal
Give Up Drink/Drugs/Smoking
Financial Abundance, Money, Riches and Wealth
Healthy Cashflow
Business Growth
Attract a New Job
Career Success
Pay Me what you Owe
Sell your Home
Purchase a Dream Home
Law Case Success
Good Luck in Exams
Inner and Outer Beauty
Totally Irresistible
Popularity, Attract Many Friends
Missing Persons
Baby Gender
Lose Weight Easily
Revenge Spells
Make A Wish
Boosts for Spell Work
Spell Strengthener
Spell Upgrades
Manifestation Intention Setting
Custom Spells

Information on how to book a psychic chat reading will be sent in an email immediately at purchase. So please check your email 🙂

I look forward to working with you shortly.

Divine Blessings 💖


I am a true believer in my work and in all that I do. These are my personal beliefs.

However, it is common sense to understand that, nothing can be promised to you in a psychic reading or spiritual work.

In this context, we all have control over our future, our bodies, our minds and our destiny.

All psychic readings and spiritual work should only be regarded as entertainment only.

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I don't accept returns or exchanges but please contact me if you have any problems with your order.


All my readings are cold (If you wish to give me your name, dob and names of others involved, you may - but it is not mandatory.) My readings are often conducted back to back. I do not do any kind of research on an individual prior to the reading taking place. I can forget that you previously had a reading with me. I let the angels guide.

Any information you give at purchase or during a reading is strictly confidential.

Your reading remains your property. A copy can be requested at any time.


michaelmyrdal518466187 on Oct 10, 2021
5 stars

Great chrystal ball reading. Yes, ElfinGlades is recommended.

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