Mosaic artwork Glass Sculpture Bust Glass Art Glass tiles

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Mosaic artwork Glass Sculpture Bust Glass Art Glass tiles


Mosaic glass sculpture head bust

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I call this type of artwork Galva meaning head in Lithuanian. This is one piece of a collection and her name is Christine. As humans we are all fascinated by the face, it draws us in. We are even obsessed with our faces and how it fits in with our idea of beauty. As a child like many people I had a lot of low self-esteem to the point that I didn’t like my face and felt so ugly I would hold my head down. I even told myself that when I grew up I would get plastic surgery. However as I began to work on my self-esteem through therapy I learned that I felt unattractive on the outside because I felt broken on the inside. Through that realization I was able to take those broken parts of myself and put them back together and make myself into a beautiful person. Although I feel as if my looks aren’t “perfect” as do most people but I am my own definition of beautiful. This art piece represents those exact sentiments; All of the broken pieces of glass are put together in a way to emphasize unique beauty which the world should celebrate more. Those glass pieces represent the struggles that myself and people have of self acceptance in any form. Not one tile on the bust is perfectly cut however all of those pieces put together make a perfect artwork as a whole.

Materials Used

Glassware tile adhesive grout gemstones

Product Attributes

Color: Pink

Color: Pink white green

Weight: 3.12 lb

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