Make 6x9 Keyhole Driveway Pavers - Kit & Supplies+ 24 Concrete Molds


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Make 6x9 Keyhole Driveway Pavers - Kit & Supplies+ 24 Concrete Molds



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This kit includes all material needed to make hundreds of square feet of interlocking driveway or patio pavers, except for the concrete mix and water. No special equipment, experience, or skills are required to make beautiful custom-colored stone for your project... JUST FOLLOW OUR SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS.

And to have a little fun with the kids, or to make a few extra holiday dollars... why not make Snowman or other doorstops or bookends with these Keyhole Molds? See the photos in this listing for examples.

Many of the project photos here on our websites were done by first-time producers using our molds and bags of premixed concrete from Home Depot or Lowes.

Each of our molds can be used hundreds of times if cared for and used properly since they are made with .060 H.I. Industrial ABS for long life, durability, and flexibility. If you need additional molds, they can be purchased in our store. And complete instructions are included with each purchase.

1 set of 18 #P962 - (9"x6"x2.5") Full Interlocking Driveway Paver Molds, and 1 set of 6 - #P942 -(9"x4"x2.5") Interlocking Driveway "Edge" Paver Molds
8 oz. Professional Water-Soluble Mold Release Concentrate (Makes 2.5 quarts of Mold Release)
2 quarts StoneKote Brick and Stone Sealer
5 lbs. Concrete Colorant (1 Brown, 1 Harvest Gold, 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Black)
8 oz. Special Premix Concrete Fortifier/Additive.

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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

We started our company on January 15, 1992 to help homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, crafts people, gardeners, landscapers, and commercial concerns make their own custom-colored building products at home while saving as much as 90% off of the normal retail prices of those products. For example, concrete stone veneer that you see every day on the front of homes and buildings can cost more than six dollars per square foot, plus installation. With our molds and supplies, an average person can make comparable stone veneer for 45 to 65 cents per square foot, depending on the stone thickness and style. Custom-colored concrete tile can be made for about 30 cents a square foot. We also offer molds (moulds) for pavers, stepping stones, brick and more. And included with each purchase is a dedicated Instructions website, email support, customer contests, and more. Most of our website photos are from customers who had never used molds or worked with concrete or plaster before. WHY NOT YOU?

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1. Lubricate the molds... a light vegetable oil will do if you don't have mold release.
2. Mix a bag of premix concrete... get a shovel, water, and something to mix it in.
3. Add some concrete color, which is optional... unless you want plain gray.
4. Pour mix into molds... vibrate a bit to compact concrete and release air bubbles.
5. Let the filled molds sit a day or so undisturbed... over-night is fine.
6. Flip the molds over the next day... and pop out what you've created from the mold!


Let's face it... nothing looks quite as elegant and timeless as well kept stone walls, stone edgings, paths, gardens, etc. Whether the stone surrounds a garden, are on an old towering castle or on the face of a new upscale home of today... they add value. And stone can be used for patios, chimneys, driveways, walls, floors, and more...

Now you can have the look and durability of stone without the weight, cost, or the need for heavy equipment to install it.

Best of all, you can now make stone yourself and save up to 90% off of the retail cost! It looks just like natural stone, and can be made much lighter, making it easier to install. Making stone can easily be done by an average homeowner or do-it-yourselfer in their garage, basement, shed, or barn... by both male and female.

Since January, 1992 we've been helping homeowners and crafts-people save money while they beautify and add value to their homes for PENNIES instead of dollars! Many have then started small businesses with our help... why not you?

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