Earcuff set, red wrapped slave set - ec-445

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Earcuff set, red wrapped slave set - ec-445


I call this a slave set because the cuff on one ear is attached with a piece of chain to a regular earring. The other ear is adorned with just a matching regular earring.

White faux pearls are incorporated into this piece, and it has all been closely wrapped with red wire.

I've created some interesting shapes for the earrings, and the cuff piece has the pearls gradually decreasing in size downwards on the piece.

This is a whole set of ear accessories.

The cuff piece is 4cm long and the earrings are 4.5cm.

More Info

There are a wide range of unusual earring designs, these are

commonly known as: Ear cuffs, slave earrings, ear wraps, cartilage earrings, Bajoran earrings, ear bands, elven earrings, and ear vines, some are designed for unpierced ears, others need a lobe piercing only.

An Ear Cuff, clips to the cartilage at the edge of the ear. AKA cartilage earrings. No piercings are required.

Slave earrings, a combination of an ear cuff joined to a regular earring by a chain. AKA Bajoran earrings. Only a lobe piercing is required.

Ear Wraps, these are secured to the ear by a wire that curves behind the outer ear. AKA ear bands. A clever hair design can completely hide the section of wire that pokes out the top front of the ear. Piercings are not required.

Ear sweeps/vines thread through a lobe piercing, and have a design that sweeps upwards. Just a lobe piercing is required. Also known as ear pins.

Most of these items are worn on one ear only, therefore are sold individually, or as a set of regular earring and a cuff.

How to wear ear cuffs

Start at the top of the ear where the ear is thinner. Slide the cuff downwards over the cartilage, while turning it towards the front.

The cuff will sit from the outside of the ear, and over both sections of cartilage on the middle part of your ear.

Squeeze the ring section slightly, if necessary to get a snug fit. This is only necessary before the first use.

All custom orders and made to order products will be delayed for several months due to an abundance of custom orders

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Color: Red

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DCIDesigns on Aug 29, 2013
5 stars

These booties are so absolutely adorable! Even cuter than I thought they would be. The workmanship is superb, and Jenny answered all of the questions I asked before the sale quickly and pleasantly. I would definitely buy from her again!

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