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Grand Rapids Lettuce,1000 (OP)Organic Vegetable Seeds ,55 days

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Grand Rapids Lettuce,1000 (OP)Organic Vegetable Seeds ,55 days


100 Organic, Non GMO Seeds A classic favorite for high-quality flavor.

Lactuca sativa
Grand Rapids Lettuce Seeds (45-55 days)

A long standing favorite, Grand Rapids produces medium-large plants that have wavy, frilled, deeply cut, light green leaves. Nice uniformity. Perfect for cold-frames, greenhouse growing or in the garden of course. Crisp, tend and tasty. Resistant to heat and tipburn resistant.

1898 Nebraska Seed Co. Catalog says about Grand Rapids Lettuce....
"Grand Rapids Forcing: In the vicinity of Grand Rapids, Mich., this is the only variety they plant for forcing. It is an excellent sort."

1929 Steele Briggs Seed Co. Catalogs says about Grand Rapids Lettuce...
"An excellent variety for forcing, or outdoor planting, being quick of growth, and little liable to rot. The plant is upright and forms a loose head or cluster of large, bright green leaves slightly crimped and blistering and rather thin. As the leaves do not wilt quickly after cutting, it is a popular Lettuce for the market."

Planting Lettuce and Spacing

Lettuce is widely known as a cool-season crop that should come to harvest before the warm weather comes. Sow seeds indoors eight to ten weeks prior to the average last frost date in spring and when the seedlings are about four inches tall, transplant then in the garden. Sowing lettuce seeds in the garden beds directly should be done four to six weeks before the average last frost date. Depending on the variety, lettuces are ready for harvest 55 to 95 days after starting. As mentioned above the soil should be prepared in advance; as opposed to manure you can also dig in a complete well balanced fertilizer and sow seeds at least ¼ inch deep in wide rows. Lettuce needs to be thinned to stand six to eight inches apart with spaces 18 inches apart.

Germination: 90%

Materials Used


Product Attributes

Primary Material: Organic

Size: 1,000 Seeds

Pattern: Green

Color: Grey

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bkanani on Aug 25, 2020
1 stars

do not buy i try to contact but no reply. want to cancel tulip order but no response.
Cynthia19 on Sep 7, 2019
5 stars

Got my seeds fast and well packaged. Nice amount of seeds and none were crushed. Thanks so much!
David_Romero_f40444 on Sep 3, 2019
1 stars

Seller didn't ship products
michaelhand35 on Nov 8, 2019
2 stars

No stars! Didn't recieve order and secondly the request to resolve the issue was ignored mostly. Even though I provided proof from tracking infomation that the item was returned to seller and didn't even reach my city

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