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Art Quilt- Stained Glass and Ferns- Featuring Sunprints by Sue Andrus

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Art Quilt- Stained Glass and Ferns- Featuring Sunprints by Sue Andrus


Stained Glass and Ferns Art Quilt- 34in. x 44in. in size, from the Stained Glass Series by Sue Andrus. "Stained Glass and Ferns" highlights a large central sunprint of an arrangement of ferns and flowers, over bright rainbow painted fabric. The sunprint, as well as the whole quilt, is framed with pieced stained glass looking borders, using many of my painted fabrics seamed with black thread. A large collection of sunprints are accented with fused crazy patch areas. The sunprints of many varieties of ferns, and feathery foliage, were done over fabric painted in different intensities of blues, pinks, and green, with some splashes of yellow.

This piece was constructed a bit backwards, as I started with the borders and filled in the central sections. The satin stitch seaming allows me to construct a piece from the inside out, or the outside in. Using black thread for the seams gives the stained glass look, while the ivory thread used in the accenting areas adds soft lines and blends in more. Hand guided machine quilting with clear thread add texture and more interest to the sunprints, and the crazy patch filler areas are quilted using a pastel variegated thread in a heart and vines design. The Stained Glass borders around the central sunprint and outside of this art quilt are also accented with a black yarn, with pastel colors through it, couched over the main straight seams. The piece is also bound using the same yard couched onto the outer edges in 3 layers. A hanging sleeve is attached to the back to hold a decorative rod or dowel to easily mount it to your wall.

This beautiful Art Quilt has been shown in art and quilt shows from New England to Texas, and has won a number of awards, including a first place at an art show in Syracuse, NY and two honorable mentions at quilt shows. This is the first art quilt I made using my sunprinted and hand painted fabrics with Stained Glass pieced borders and is the largest piece of wall art I have made. The colors of this Art Quilt can bring the look of calm summer skies and softly colored gardens into your home. It would be a wonderful, unique addition to any garden or nature lover's wall.

This a One-Of-A-Kind piece that can never be exactly duplicated due to the individual sunprints that each have their own character due to the leaves used and the drying conditions on the day they were created. Many of the prints were created during the construction process. I do most of my sunprinting during the Summer and early Fall months and attempt to end up with a wide selection of prints in various colors, shades and types of leaves. While working on this particular art quilt, I did not have the right prints in the right colors to fulfill the vision in my head, so I had to specifically print fabrics to meet my vision. It took a few tries, but all ended up working out!

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Botanical Sunprints are are one way of using my gardens in my art. They are made by placing leaves, flowers, and(or) thin foam sheet cutouts (for butterflies or hummingbirds) onto freshly painted cotton fabric, while the paint is still wet, and placed in the sun to dry. The combination of sun and humidity affect the speed at which the paint dries. If conditions are ideal, the color moves from under the leaf or flower, resulting in the sunprint. No two can be the same, due to different drying conditions and paint color combinations. Every print is a unique original.

Fabrics I sunprinted, using ferns, flowers, and other plants from my gardens are highlighted in this quilt. Constructed much like a puzzle, little quilt sandwiches of sunprints or fused crazy patch were satin stitch seamed. I came up with this construction technique after making fabric bowls that are made with satin stitched seams that also left me with many tiny fused quilt sandwiches that I wanted to find a way to use. Beginning with tiny quilted jewelry pieces, and experimenting with larger and larger pieces, I found that the satin stitch seaming worked well. Playing with black thread lead me to making stained glass looking pieces with fabric. I never know what will happen when I begin trying our new ideas.

Materials Used

cotton fabric, textile paint, leaves, flowers, thread, batting

More Info

See more Art Quilts, and see works in progress, inspirations and more on my blog-

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Color: Blue

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Umeboshi on Apr 21, 2014
5 stars

littlemoose on Apr 21, 2011
5 stars

Pretty cards! Thanks for the extra one. :-)
GlassandWireGems on Feb 2, 2011
5 stars

Absolutely stunning work. Can't wait to share it with others.
GlassandWireGems on Jan 25, 2011
5 stars

WOW...this wall hanging is absolutely stunning! I'll have to find a place to create another collection and get some more. I just love Sue's work. She is truly gifted.
FantasyClay on Nov 30, 2010
5 stars

This quilt is gorgeous- my mom will love this Christmas, Irises are her fave. The extra gift of cards was really nicve. Kudos to you

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