10 days of scenes for Elf on the Shelf: Snow Days Series


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10 days of scenes for Elf on the Shelf: Snow Days Series


10 scene setups for 10 days of activities for a daily holiday visitor tradition (similar to an Elf on the Shelf). This is the "Snow Days" series. Scenes come ready to use, with pictures and instruction for suggested setup. Most scenes take less than 3 minutes to get ready. Colors may vary. ELF IS NOT INCLUDED.

Scenarios are: Air Mail back to Santa; Beach Bum; Snow Angel; Do You Want to Build a Snowman?; Roasting Marshmallows; Sledding; Countdown til Christmas; Stuck in Stocking; A New Hiding Place; and Elf Inspiration

What's in the box:
• Instruction sheet with setup pictures
• Snow Sheet
• Bag of Buffalo Snow Fake Snow
• Air mail envelope
• Completed letter to Santa - safe arrival
• Completed letter to Santa - great behavior
• Blank letter to Santa - write in your own
• “Believe” cutout word
• Stocking
• “Help! Stuck in Stocking” sign
• “xxx days until Christmas” sign
• Decorative Christmas Tin
• Adirondack chair
• Campfire Rock Ring
• LED tealight
• Marshmallows on stick
• Rainbow beach towel
• tiny umbrella
• wrapping paper sled
• snowman parts
• Snow angel outline
• Rubber bands to help attach things to elf’s hands

Air Mail Letter to Santa:
The elf has arrived in your home, and is sending a letter air mail back to Santa to let him know of his safe arrival. There are 2 options for the letter, one is generic and completely filled in, the other is blank with a template for you to fill in the name of your child(ren) and details about the home. If you have already done a first day scene, write a note to your child(ren) about something good they’ve done recently that elf observed.
Props: Air Mail envelope, Letter.

Beach Bum:
Elf isn’t quite ready to give up his summer vacation. Place him in a window where he can get some sun. Use a rubber band to hold the umbrella on the back of the chair. You can also wrap the towel around his shoulders. For additional realism, set a pair of your sunglasses or bottle of sunscreen nearby.
Props: Chair, umbrella, rubber band, beach towel

Snow Angel:
The elf has found snow, and decided to go make a snow angel. It is much easier to do the snow angel on the first snow day than it is to scrape all the snow up later. Lay out the snow sheet somewhere that isn’t drafty (not by a door). It looks better to wrinkle it some, so there are drifts in the snow. Place the angel template on the middle of the snow sheet, then sprinkle the fake snow around it and on the rest of the sheet. Carefully remove the angel outline, and you should be left with a “snow angel” in the fake snow. You will have to touch it up around the edges. Place the elf on his back in the middle of the angel. FYI: The fake snow is made from polyester and is flame retardant. Keep it away from animals.
Props: Snow sheet, fake snow, angel template

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?:
Elf has decided to have some fun in the snow! He’s set about building a snowman. The snowman has 2 styrofoam body parts that are already attached, and a cotton ball head that is still being rolled by the elf. Scatter the additional snowman parts (scarf, eyes, buttons, carrot nose) in the snow nearby. The snowman body should stand up by itself, the styrofoam sticks to the snow sheet well. If not, press the bottom into the ground hard enough to flatten it some.
Props: Snow Sheet, fake snow, snowman parts.

Roasting Marshmallows:
Elf got a little cold playing in the snow, and decided to light a campfire to roast some marshmallows. The campfire rock ring is not rigid, so it can accommodate a curve or hill in the snow. The LED tealight has a switch on the bottom to turn it on. Use a rubberband to keep the marshmallows in the elf’s hand, you may also need to rubberband his hand to the chair arm to keep it elevated over the “flame”.
Props: Snow sheet, fake snow, campfire, Adirondack chair, marshmallows on a stick

Elf has turned some wrapping paper and string into a festive holiday sled. Try wrapping the string around his neck or body to help hold him in place, or use one of your child’s own toys to ride behind the elf on the sled and hold him up better.
Props: Snow sheet, fake snow, wrapping paper sled

Countdown til Christmas:
Elf is excited to be back by the fire, keeping cozy and warm as he counts down the days left until Christmas. Be sure to write in the number of days there are left until Christmas based on what it will be tomorrow when your kids see the elf.
Props: Snow sheet, fake snow, campfire, Adirondack chair, ”xx Days til Christmas” sign

Stuck in Stocking:
Help! The elf was doing some exploring, and went head over heels into the stocking! You can use your own stockings if you have them, or use the provided prop stocking anywhere in the house. Tie the ribbon to the elf’s leg so it can hang out the top of the stocking.
Props: Stocking, “Help!” sign

A New Hiding Place:
Elf found a great hiding spot inside a Christmas tin. He might have been looking for cookies inside.
Props: Decorative Tin

Elf Inspiration:
Elf wants you to believe in the magic of Christmas!! Perfect to use the day after your child asks you a question like “How do reindeer fly?” or “Does the elf really fly back to the North Pole every night?” or “How does Santa make all those toys?”
Props: “Believe”

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