Christ Consciouness Grid- Sacred Geometry 10k Gold Pendant MPC

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Christ Consciouness Grid- Sacred Geometry 10k Gold Pendant MPC


Want to know about MPC? Read below for an explanation.

Christ Consciouness Grid: Sacred Geometry 10k Gold Pendant Absolutely incredible energy! This peice is all about raising your consciousness level, and integrsting the different portions of your brain. It brings in Light & Love, balances Male & Female energy, integrates Emotional & Intellectual energies. This is the same energy grid as the one that surrounds the earth, and Plato talked about how the earth is evolving into such complex geometeric patterns. This form as a sacred geometry form contains all the info you need to exparince Christ consciousness. All the lines of the grid represent all the ley lines on the earth, and the points of intersection represent the places of power around the earth. Places like Sedona, the Bermuda Triangle, where ther Great Pyramids are, Stonehenge etc. The above is only part of the information that is supplied with the pendant, in a gift pouch. (La description est disponible en francais sur la demande) The weight of these varies a little each time I make one by hand, these pendants weigh a little more than 4.5-7 grams, roughly speaking, and are about 3/4 inch in diameter. Though the original one took about a week to complete, each one now takes 2.5 hours to do. Takes 2-3 business days to be made & shipped, since I do not carry the gold ones in stock, and have to order the gold each time. This jewellery piece is an original with copyright by the artist. The copyright does not transfer with the sale of the piece.

I am a member of a worldwide group called My Peak Challenge, which was started by Sam Heughan of Outlander fame. It is a support/exercise group with meal plans and workout videos and OH so much more! The profits from My Peak Challenge (MPC) go to a UK based charity called Bloodwise. Bloodwise is a charity which helps fund research and other projects for blood cancers. Since becoming a member of MPC, I have started to make some jewellery specifically for our members, to raise money for Bloodwise. I have decided to liquidate some of my stock, and thought it was a great way to help raise some more money for Bloodwise. Certain of my designs will be reduced to the cost of just the sterling (no labour charged at all), and have a small amount above that added to donate to Bloodwise. Others will have the "normal charge" that I would sell my design fro, but a portion will still be donated. Any of my listings that you see with "MPC" in the title are included, and at the bottom of the listing you can see the dollar amount that will go to Bloodwise. I think this is a win/win for all involved. YOU get a very discounted piece of jewellery, Bloodwise gets a donation, and I get to recoup the cost of the sterling.

Regular price of this pendant is $460, for a short time, I have it on sale for $425 with $25 going to Bloodwise charity.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

With jewellery I often feel called to make a particular shape/design. Once I have done it, I research the meaning behind it. That was what happened with this one. I had seen large handheld versions of the Christ Consciousness Grid, and felt called to make a pendant in the same form. Once it was complete, I researched what it all meant, and was simply blown away.

Materials Used

10k gold, knowledge, awareness

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Color: Gold

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I ship the least expensive way that I am able to without compromising the safety of the artwork. For paintings, this means larger, sturdier boxes. Signature is a requirement for anything priced over $200 with shipping included. Though I am new to selling on this site, I have sold extensively on ebay and other sites, so I have plenty of experience with shipping.

Though I want my customers to always be happy, returns are handled on a case by case basis, and are not an automatic. Especially certain pieces, and jewellery, since in the past I have had someone wear a jewellery piece, scratch or deform it, and then try to return. If a piece is to be returned, it MUST be unworn, and in the same condition it was sent to you. I am sure you understand, as I am sure you would not want me to sell you a piece which has been worn before.

If a return is to be done, buyer is responsible for the return shipping cost, and I do not refund the original shipping price, only the item price. Custom work has a no-refund policy.


delivered on Jan 15, 2012
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