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Custom - Sterling - I am enough - Spinner ring - Self esteem


"I am enough" in sterling silver. Truly custom and truly personalized. Any size! Known as Spinner rings, spinning rings, spin rings, worry rings, fidget rings and whew.. meditation rings!

Please message me with any questions :)

*Please enter your 1/2" ring size, NOT regular ring size. Wide band rings fit differently than skinny band. This helps speed production and ensures a great fit* MESSAGE me for any questions, I'm here to help! :)

Do the words "I am enough" strike a chord within you?

Maybe you can spin this and trust that you are already enough, just the way you are.

You're a child of the Universe or God or whatever it is that you believe in.

Meditate on your worth in this world, spin the old worn ideas that you are worthless away.

Spin to remind yourself you are worthy of love, and are of value here.

I've had customers email me to tell me that they spin to remind themselves they are worthy to not smoke, overeat or self harm. A visual reminder to just stop and breathe.

Breathe in "I am enough" and breathe out the negative thought. One spin per breath. I do this when I have anxiety. It helps. I don't know if it will help you, I can't promise anything.

It's not a cure all, it's not medicine, I make no claims.

What I DO know though, is what you focus on...grows.

I started making the "I am enough" spinner rings back in the mid 2000's, I really wanted to give people something tangible to hold and play with while they worked on internalizing the message that they are worthy, have value and deserve all the good stuff in life.

Maybe you know someone who could really use this message and wish to give them the gift of uplifting hope that they'll one day feel better about themselves.

Perfect for teenagers as a gift or anyone else who is struggling.

Is this ring a cure all? Of course not... but if it's true that we become what we think of, then maybe it will be a tool towards self worth.

Hope... we could all use some. Love, we could all use some of that too...loving yourself is the key to loving others. At least I think so :)

Spinner rings are great for worrying, fidgeting, anxiety as well as meditation. They can be a great focal point on top +of breathing to lower the anxiety levels and bring you back to a place of being centered. I wear mine on my thumb and mostly spin it when I'm meeting new people or in the line at the grocery store :) I know I'm repeating myself here's worth repeating!

Hand crafted by yours truly, each spinner ring is hand crafted, hand forged and hand finished by me personally.

If you want a custom ring, please convo me, I adore custom orders and will work with you for however long it takes to make it truly something you love!

Custom ring order form
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*********Before ordering, please find out your "wide band ring size" which usually means going to a pro jewelry shop and telling them you need to be sized for a 1/2" wide ring. NOT the 1/4" wide band ring sizer.************

I make whatever size you want. Spinner rings cannot be resized, only remade, from scratch. No refunds or exchanges on spinner rings.

Comes in a gift box, hand tied with a ribbon and a pro polish pad sample.

Please note: Almost all sterling/copper/brass jewelry tarnishes.

No refunds will be given due to tarnishing. Some people react to certain metals more than others. It's not a defect in my work or the metals I use.

Keep dry, away from dirt, cleaning solutions, pools and lotions. Exposure to any of these things increases tarnish.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I hesitate to tell this story, sometimes.

It’s intensely personal and precious to me. But, I know these three words have power. So I want to share that with you now.

The story behind my "I am enough" jewelry design is this....

In the early 1990's my brother didn’t have long to live.

He wanted to gift us a trip, so flew my two young daughters and I to Disney World before he got too sick to do anything.

Tony was the most gentle, kind, empathetic human being I've ever met. I was sooooo lucky to have him for a big brother.

DisneyWorld was PACKED … lots and lots of lines. While we were standing in line for one of the rides, he grabbed my arm and really dramatically loud said "Look at that shirt, LOOK AT IT!"

If you knew my brother, you would know he's not dramatically anyyything. He was quiet and pretty reserved.

So, he got my attention and rightly so.

I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, so he kept pointing til I saw it…some random guy off in the distance was wearing a shirt with "I am enough" printed on it in big letters.

I didn’t get it. Honestly, it didn’t park in my brain for any reason. But the way he got so excited, will never leave me. Because, it rarely happened that he was THAT animated and excited.

Which is probably why I remember the block letters and white shirt so well. That, and the sensation of Tony grabbing my arm.

This impacted my brother in such a way, that for the next few months he was always bringing the saying “I am enough” up. He wouldn’t stop telling me how much worth I had. And how the shirt had helped him some by just repeating 3 little words.

Here we had flown from San Francisco to Orlando, Florida with these two precious little girls, rode all the rides, ate all the foods and seen all there was til the place closed. But that T-shirt is all he kept talking about.

I. Am. Enough.

For whatever reason I didn't put that much stock into what he was going on and on about, but as the years went on, especially after he passed - it became very clear how important and how ... life changing those three words could be, if one were to repeat it over and over and perhaps believe it for themselves. I know I didn’t, couldn’t, believe.

You know those things that people try to impart before they leave us? This was one of those things.

My brother tried to instill in me with every ounce of energy he had left to live, that this message was meant for everyone on the planet but made it his mission to make sure i KNEW I was enough.

There is a saying... "We see when we can see, and, we hear when we can hear" and when I finally "heard" the message my brother was trying to pass along, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I FINALLY understood his excitement when he yelled "LOOK AT THAT SHIRT" ... at last. I smile when I remember this. I cry when I remember this. I get it, Tony. I get it. About freaking TIME!

It’s so simple and yet so profound. It has many levels and layers. but it’s simple at its very core.

I'd been in the mental health field as a professional and volunteer for years. In 2007’ish, when funding for my job dried up, other people were promoted over me and I was asked to take a pay cut, I knew it was time to leave.

I won’t stay where I’m not valued. So I left.

Not knowing I was going to go through a period of depression because, quitting a job when you don’t HAVE a job to go to, is pretty stupid. I loved doing the work, but hated the politics of it.

I lost my sense of purpose and didn’t even know it. Hence the depression.

One day my husband took me aside and told me to go have some fun, take a class - anything to get me to pull myself out of this “woe is me” funk.

So I took a class. I don’t know how I found it, but there was this tiny little bead store, and they had a class on wire wrapping a cabochon. I signed up and agonized over where to sit.

The class started and everyone else was chatting away and I just kinda, kept trying to make those stupid wires do the thing the teacher was telling us to do.

And while we were learning how to wire wrap this cabochon, my classmate pointed at the teachers ring and asked “What’s that? It’s gorgeous” - and our teacher took it off and we passed it around.

It was a simple but gorgeous sterling silver spinner ring. I’d never seen anything like it.

While we passed it around and played with it (the outer ring just spun along the outside and never fell off, it was COOL!) she explained it was a spinner ring and she made it in a small metalsmithing class - in another bead store a couple of towns down the way. She said the class didn’t have a prerequisite and she had never picked up a torch until the day of her class and had so much fun.

When that wire wrapping class was over and I came home with my little crappy wrappy cabochon and did this “show and tell” with my husband.

It is really the ugliest thing but I remember being so proud of it. I almost threw it out but my friends convinced me to keep it. To this day it hangs on the wall in my shop.

To remind me where I started from.

It’s no longer the ugliest thing ever, it’s one of my “precious” possessions.

I felt a spark from the first class, and it pulled me out of my depression… and led me to the spinner ring making class.

None of us in that class had seen a spinner ring, held a torch or jewelers file or used a jewelers saw but here we were - a bunch of middle age women playing with metal ‘smithing tools!

When the class began I was petrified, but by the time class was over it felt like “home.”

And when that class was done. That was it. I didn’t take any more classes.

But I had found another interest and that interest was all things metal.

So I began making jewelry. The little bead shops near me kept a few things in stock and I was happy to shop local.

I’m glad I didn’t know then that we were sliding towards a recession, or rather, IN a recession.

I spent that recession making a bit of jewelry and selling it.

Then buying one more tool and a tiny bit more silver. One foot in front of the other.

I honestly don’t know why people bought the jewelry - my early work was so …let’s put it this way, it lacked anything professional. It lacked finesse.

But, God bless ya’ll that believed in me.

Anyway - the need to “create” had been born and it was a thirsty sucker.

But, I was still restless and still had that "helping people" running through my blood.

I was putzing around in my studio one day and the idea to stamp “I am enough” on a spinner ring somehow came to me. I had never seen it done. And for the next 10 years I have happily stamped “I am enough” or some variation on all kinds of jewelry.

To date, I’ve made over 5,000 spinner rings.

Some of them were for practice because, it’s hard to flare out the edges evenly sometimes. And I’ve only taken those two classes in person so I’m considered “self taught” and being self taught, I’ve made lots of mistakes.

I sure wish I could say “I SOLD 5,000 spinner rings!”

I can't think of a better way to do several things at once, honor my brother with this wonderful story and his memory - pass along an amazing life affirming message to others, and, have a job that I absolutely love.

I have more hammers and stamps than I have shoes. I get excited when a tool sale comes on. I have more female friends that can swing a hammer and know how to use a torch than I do male friends.

Most of all, I get to create things that have meaning for others and promote their self esteem.

This gives MY life purpose, so thank YOU for that :)

Spinner rings that have the "I am enough" message on them are great for spinning while repeating the words over and over.

I spin mine all the time. Whenever I'm the “new kid in the room” at an art show for the first time alone or standing in the line at a grocery store (I’m just awkward, mkay?)

Breathe, spin and believe you’re enough. But you don’t need a ring for that - you can just say it to yourself over and over.

You are enough. I am enough. We're all enough. There's room for everyone at the table :)

By the way, my makers mark is a hawk. But that’s another story.

Now you know :)

Materials Used

Sterling silver copper brass

More Info

Please contact me if you're unsure about wide band ring sizing or have any questions ;) I'm truly here to help

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Silver

Size: Custom sizes including half sizes

Pattern: Smooth stamped hammered

Color: Silver

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I no longer repair spinner rings that have been damaged via extreme wear, or when it's been caught in car doors or when the owner tries to repair it themselves. I will gladly make you another one for the same cost.

I don't give refunds on rings or other jewelry because they tarnish. When an item is hand stamped, the recessed area is filled with enamel ink which will lighten up over time!

This is also true of jewelry that has been antiqued - just like color slowly coming out of hair, the high points in jewelry will possibly lose color over time. This is normal and to be expected.

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