Abstract Painting Oil Canvas Modern Art Big Landscape Original Large

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Abstract Painting Oil Canvas Modern Art Big Landscape Original Large


"Pure Mind" Boybekov Mansur.
Oil, enamel. Canvas.
50,4x29.5 in.
Perhaps it sounds strange: "Your brain is your enemy." But it is so, believe me. The brain is so programmed that often does not allow us to succeed.
One of the biggest obstacles to success is the inability to focus on one thing. Often, not having succeeded immediately after the start of any activity, people refuse from it and begin to do something else. And do many times.
But the problem is that when starting a new business, they start all over again! That is, in order to achieve the same result that they achieved last time, they need to work just as much! This is completely ineffective.
You, as a person who has already achieved success, know how important this is.
My picture should serve as a reminder of how important it is not to turn off the path and not allow outside thoughts and ideas to prevent you from achieving your goals.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Oil, enamel. Canvas.

Size: 50,4x29.5 in.

Color: Blue

Style: Modern

Type: Painting

Material: Canvas

Size: 50,4 x 29.5 in.

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