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Attain Super Hero Powers spell, MAGIC, TELEKNIES, GREAT LIFE, spell!

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Attain Super Hero Powers spell, MAGIC, TELEKNIES, GREAT LIFE, spell!


The offering that you are to read about is unquestionably the most dramatic life shift that any individual spirit can experience in this existence. It is of paramount importance that if you are to consider purchasing, and having this massive, sprawling ritual held for you that you fully understand what you are undertaking, and the very real, very serious changes that you will experience.

There will be serious consequences if this power is bestowed upon you, and is mistreated. Concurrently, there can be incredible, life altering changes for the positive, for yourself, and for others if you honor this power, and treat it with the respect it deserves.

The power of the Grisuu is an ancient advanced form of alchemy that was perfected, tested, noted, documented carefully, and then lost in the 1820's. The documentation for this ritual was kept secret, safe, and away from prying eyes for nearly 180 years. The process of holding this ritual was released only upon the passing of it's 6th curator, a man named Marcus Bonsacio, in 2001.

Lord Bonsacio chose to break the code of silence sworn by 5 different Men before him, generation after generation, to keep this ritual process, this discovery, under lock and key. The fear these honorable Men held is one that I briefly touched on. The fear was, that is this level of power, seen only in Super Hero movies, and written in sensationalized fictional literature, were to exist within the embodiment of a real human being, that the lust for power could drive said person in to using the powers for evil, versus using them for light, and for love.

Lord Bonsacio had a greater faith in humanity, as do I.

Upon his nearing death, Lord Bonsacio left a notation with a trusted friend, and instructed this Woman to deliver his words, sealed in an envelope by an old world wax stamp, directly to the former High Priestess of my Coventry. My mentor.

She held some apprehension at the process as well, and chose, while she was actively practicing magick, to also not offer this ritual.

It is with her blessing and love, her assurance, and trust, that after FOUR long years of testing this theorem that I can offer to you today.

I hold faith in humanity.

I believe in dreams coming true.

I believe in good, in light, and in love.

If you are to have this massive ritual held for you, your life will never be the same. Far from it. Ascension to a greater plane of reality is possible for a very select few. The people that have acquired similar powers are cloaked in secrecy. You would never know of their existence, but they are around you.

The powers and abilities that will manifest within you, for your own use, after a short period of time are, but are not limited to:

Mental Power & Control
Time Travel
Astral Travel
Physical Morphing

With these powers, your desires, whatever they are - Money, power, fame, sexual desires.. They can be yours. You can control your existence each, and every day. Mold your life as you see fit.


- I will send you photo (JPG) of performed RITUAL THROUGH MESSAGES OR YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, psychic reading i will send you in PDF on your email address.

- You will get all informations about performed ritual on message or email address
- I will deliver order in three days.
- Please when you order give me information of the person that i will do ritual on.
- This spell will work no matter where you are located in the world


Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Best spells and magic! Quaranteed work multicasting i send you also picture of a performed ritual to your email address as a proof that the spell is really casted.


Materials Used

Paper, stone, crystal, candels, prayers, magic, spell, whitemagic black magic
Paper, stone, crystal, candels, prayers, magic, spell, whitemagi

More Info

Hello my friends! My name is Blondey Marisa. I'm here to help you with my magic & spells. My most powerful spells work 100%. I quaranty that you will see the results. These are most powerful spells and for my multiple castings success is quaranted.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Spell, magic, casting, money, wealth, love, illuminaty, working, help, spells, magic, caster, need help.

Color: Grey

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There is no shipping for spells, psychic readings and prayers. I deliver your order here or your email address.

For spells, magic & prayers:

Please give me the information of the person that i will cast a spell on. I will send you picture of spell that i casted for you and all information about spell on your mail address.
I will deliver your order in maximum three days.

I assure all my buyers 100% discretion.


Urwan on Apr 19, 2020
5 stars

I did the 100% spellcasting. Marisa kindly provided me with pictures of the workings. No matter how desperate a situation may look like do not hesitate to contact Marisa, she is always willing to help. Kind seller!
Urwan on Apr 10, 2020
5 stars

I do believe in meeting the right people at the right time! For me it was a pleasure to be able to use Marisa amazing services. Because of the privacy of the issue i cannot mention much but from the feedback around i am picking up signs that Marisas powerfull spell is manifesting!
Urwan on Apr 10, 2020
5 stars

Very kind and powerfull seller. I am very satisfied with all the help and support, and what she does for me. She did the spell yesterday for a relative and the target connected through me as an intermdiair. You need to believe and you will tart seeing miracles, in my heart i have complete confidence in Marisa and feel he is a wonderfull caster and very powerfull!
ZachNageleisen on Apr 20, 2020
3 stars

bad customer service
Urwan on Apr 6, 2020
5 stars

I highly recommend Marisa. The night before i came across her webshop on artfire, i got a dream that my soul crying was heard and my wish coming to fruition. As soon as i contacted her and chat with her about the order i was about to place, i immediately felt that Marisa is the one capable of manifesting my desire. Even after the spellwork i got a very clear and professionally presented picture of the spellwork. I got a really good vibe from it, dont hesitate to contact Marisa, she is powerfull and very kind!

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