2 Soaps for a Cause 2.5oz


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2 Soaps for a Cause 2.5oz


Ribbons are the international symbol for awareness, and in the cancer world is no exception.

These Soaps for a Cause are made with an unscented base of Goats Milk. We make it unscented so that way even cancer patients can use it while going through treatment. This listing is for 2 soaps. All proceeds we collect from this goes to Relay for Life.

As a survivor and a fighter this soap is near and dear to me. Below is a partial list of the ribbon colors and their meanings.

Pink Ribbon :Meaning: Most commonly associated with breast cancer awareness, the pink awareness ribbon is also a symbol for birth parents, and childhood cancer awareness (alternative color: light blue)

Yellow Ribbon :Meaning: We've all seen the yellow awareness ribbon used as a symbol to show support for our troops, but it is also a symbol for MIA/POW, suicide prevention, adoptive parents, amber alerts, bladder cancer, spina bifida, endometriosis, and a general symbol for hope. A yellow ribbon with a heart is used to represent the survivors left behind after a suicide.

Red Ribbon :Meaning: Most commonly associated with the fight against AIDS and HIV, the red awareness ribbon is also a symbol for heart disease, stroke, substance abuse, MADD, DARE, Epidermolysis Bullosa, and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

Burgundy Ribbon :Meaning: The burgundy awareness ribbon is a symbol of brain aneurysm, Cesarean section (worn upside down), headaches, hemangioma, vascular malformation, hospice care, multiple myeloma, William's syndrome, Thrombophilia, Antiphospholid Antibody Syndrome, and adults with disabilities.

Purple Ribbon :Meaning: The purple awareness ribbon is a symbol of pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid cancer, domestic violence, ADD, Alzheimer's, religious tolerance, animal abuse, the victims of 9/11 including the police and firefighters, Crohn's disease and colitis, cystic fibrosis, lupus, leimyosarcoma, and fibromyalgia.

Lavender Ribbon :Meaning: The lavender awareness ribbon is a symbol for general cancer awareness. It can also be a symbol for epilepsy and Rett syndrome.

Blue Ribbon :Meaning: The blue awareness ribbon is a symbol of drunk driving, child abuse, Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), the victims of hurricane Katrina, dystonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), alopecia, Education, Epstein-Barr Virus, Save the Music, colon cancer (alternative ribbon color: brown), colorectal cancer (alternative ribbon color: brown), anti-tobacco particularly anti-second hand smoke.

Dark Blue Ribbon :Meaning: The dark blue awareness ribbon represents arthritis, child abuse prevention, victim's rights, free speech, water quality, and water safety.

Light Blue Ribbon :Meaning: The light blue awareness ribbon is a symbol of childhood cancer (alternative color: pink), prostate cancer, Trisomy 18, and scleroderma.

Teal Ribbon :Meaning: The teal awareness ribbon is a symbol for ovarian, cervical, and uterine cancers as well as sexual assault, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and tsunami victims.

Green Ribbon :Meaning: Meaning: The green awareness ribbon is a symbol of childhood depression, missing children, open records for adoptees, environmental concerns, kidney cancer, tissue/organ donation, homeopathy, and worker and driving safety.

Orange Ribbon :Meaning: The orange awareness ribbon is a symbol of leukemia, hunger, cultural diversity, humane treatment of animals, and self-injury awareness.

White Ribbon :Meaning: The white awareness ribbon is a symbol of innocence, victims of terrorism, violence against women, peace, right to life, bone cancer, adoptees, and retinal blastoma.

Pearl Ribbon :Meaning: The pearl awareness ribbon is a symbol for emphysema, lung cancer, mesothelioma, and multiple sclerosis.

Black Ribbon :Meaning: The black awareness ribbon is a symbol of mourning, melanoma, and gang prevention.

Brown Ribbon :Meaning: The brown awareness ribbon is an anti-tobacco symbol as well as a symbol of colon cancer (alternative ribbon color: blue), and colorectal cancer (alternative ribbon color: blue).

Gray Ribbon :Meaning: The gray awareness ribbon is a symbol of diabetes, asthma, and brain cancer.

Silver Ribbon :Meaning: The silver awareness is a symbol for children with disabilities, Parkinson's disease, and mental illnesses such as severe depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders. Like the red awareness ribbon, the silver ribbon is sometimes used as a symbol for stroke.

Gold Ribbon :Meaning: The gold awareness ribbon is a symbol for childhood cancer.

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