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Truth Attunement One Heart Reiki Love Integrity Dignity Perception


Truth Attunement

Truth is not always an easy thing, though we say that we want it. It requires that we are objective about our own biases and those of others. Often other person's motives while not necessarily bad, are simply very different than our own. Moreover, thoughout our life's journey, our perception of our truth may change or evolve. Our understanding of situations and persons around us will also therefore change. So in deciding to embrace Truth in our person and in our lives, it is best to take it gradually. See where your own blinders are, and remember to see yourself with LOVE. See those around you, even those who have in truth hurt you with forgiveness. It is not necessary to forget what someone did to hurt you, but in wanting truth, realize that they see you differently and you simply may not want them in your life anymore. Truth is about wanting to be okay with not wanting to be hurt. Truth is about facing our own decisions. But Universal Love Energy always asks us to continue the journey, continue to be more Truthful with ourselves. Not out of judgementalness but out of a desire for the free, lifted up feeling that clarity brings. Clarity and Love must walk hand in hand so this Attunement must be sought only out of a desire for Clarity and Love for yourself and for others. Blessed BE.

What is an Attunement?

Briefly it is a framework, a paradigm that contains the energy frequency of an experience in the energy field.

An Attunement is a process wherein a spiritual teacher transfers a specific energy structure to a student's energy body. The Receiver then becomes a channel for that specific energy.

The Attunement is set by the Creator of it, in this case by me. Reiki One Heart is what I call a type of Reiki that focuses on Relationship Love, on bettering the experience of all kinds of relationships, but especially Romantic ones. It is all about creating a Paradigm for Love within our own energy field so that we more easily resonate with and attract the highest and best love relationships into our lives.

You will be sent Directions about the Attunement and about Receiving and how to practice this new energy for yourself.

Goal: We know that only Divine Love can transform us as individuals, and that Love wants to work through each one of us to bring inner and outer peace and wholeness.

Love is all you need. Those Great words from the Beatles song ring true. But sometimes when we are out of balance, we benefit from an infusion of energy from a lightworker.

Hi,I am an Artist, a Mystic, and a Visionary. My Spiritual journey includes Certificates in Usui Reiki Ryoho: Shoden, Okuden, Shinpiden from Intl. House of Reiki 2006, Frans Steine of Australia. I also have a Certificate in Professional Life Coaching from Transformation Academy. I do believe in God, Christ Consciousness, the energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, and I love to work with my Angels. Spirit offers so much Love on our journey if only we open our hearts and minds. While i do not charge for the gift of Love, I do charge for my professional time. I would feel blessed to connect with you and assist you on your Light journey.
Love and Peace,

*Please be advised that Spiritual Healing is Not a substitute for Medical care. If you have a medical issue, please seek help from your medical doctor.*

Spiritual Energy Healing is a Beautiful support system of Love

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AndreaDesigns on Nov 12, 2011
5 stars

Love the Lip Radiance. Thank you so much for the gifts! AndreaDesigns

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