Green Aventurine / Magnetic Hematite Bracelet with Tree of Life Charm

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Green Aventurine / Magnetic Hematite Bracelet with Tree of Life Charm


This gemstone and charm bracelet features large twist-shaped green aventine beads (15x8mm), interspersed with 6mm round magnetic hematite beads. The bracelet is strung with 7.25 inches of stretchy cord, and features a 17mm Tree of Life charm dangling from a metal bead.

Green Aventurine properties:
Purifies mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Comforter and general harmonizer, alignment of center.

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol that can be found in the spiritual tradition of most cultures. It is a symbol of growth, wisdom, protection, bounty, and redemption.
Magnetic hematite is created by magnetizing simulated hematite (natural hematite cannot be magnetized!) A wide variety of health benefits have been attributed to magnetic jewelry. It is said to maintain the natural charge of the nerve cells, thus reducing pain; increase the healing process; boost the immune system; improve quality of sleep; relieve ailments of the hands, wrists and fingers; and generally enhance physical energy and vitality. It also is reported to help tension headaches and light migraines. In some circumstances people have recorded a difference within 48 hours of putting on the stones.

Hematine (Simulated hematite) properties:
Very effective at grounding and protecting. Balances the meridians. Encourages will power, reliability, courage, optimism and balance. Stimulates concentration and focus. Restores, strengthens and regulates the blood supply. Simulated is made from natural hematite, so has the same properties.

Comes with a printed stone guide. This information is for reference, inspirational, and entertainment purposes only, and is not to be construed as a prescription or medical advice.

Materials Used

Green Aventurine, magnetic hematite, stretch cord, tree of life charm

More Info

Magnetic jewelry is not recommended for individuals who are pregnant or wear a pacemaker (or work in a pushpin factory!) Be aware that magnets can interfere with (or might erase) magnetic storage such as jump drives and other computer items. Magnets also can interfere with magnetic badges and time cards. Our hematite beads are not strongly magnetic, so small quantities should not pose a risk, but if you have 10 strands of them, you might not want to set/store them near any items that could be affected.

Product Attributes

Size: 7.25 inches

Color: Green

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