Natural Obsidian Buddha head pendant


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Natural Obsidian Buddha head pendant


Features: This temple carved Buddha head pendant Lucky Hannaford block disaster , ultra refined model
With the top obsidian carving, very personal, full of high-end quality, coupled with our
Handmade pendant rope, it says more perfect ...
[ Maitreya Profile ]
According to Buddhist sutras , each bit from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas , or the person you were born with congenital central defender
From the date of the Buddha 's birth and destined to soon, is called
For the " natal Buddha" ! Zodiac different natal Buddha is different, as long as humbly worship
Natal statues, often accompanied by side natal Buddha
It makes you good luck, let career, wealth , love , school,
Health has improved significantly , from the official career high , from highly concentrated Lu Guang , take you into
Smooth and bright life . Natal Buddha is thousands of years
Trustee dedicated to the good God ! " Natal Buddha" who is closest to the magnetic field induced by the associated zodiac
The strongest Buddhism. Sincerely believe that the spirit of Buddha natal exuberant nature , the public
Healthy luck , success , health, peace , family smug. Buddha natal women , not limited
Whether it is one year , which can be worn for a lifetime of worship !
[ About ] obsidian
Volcanic lava , and his chemical composition, is also based on silicon oxide -based , so is the water
Crystals of a family .
Obsidian : All spar spar among the strongest absorption . You can quickly put near
Mixture or negative energy , inhalation invisible space. Therefore , there are many
West ( Warlock ) like to use him as a tool of evil . Because,
When he saw evil , it will automatically avoid.
In addition, ( obsidian ) more features and treatment of diseases , insomnia, very effective. Obsidian
Magnetic energy of calm and tranquility , endless , helps to enhance the body's blood circulation
Improve frail qi symptoms.
Obsidian Introduction
Obsidian is also known as the Indian legend " Ya climbs Tears" , a team of tribal ambush the enemy , outnumbered , annihilated, the bad news came , family members wept tears spilled on the ground , it becomes a small pieces of black stone , " Yapa Qi tears" hence the name.
Since pure energy Obsidian , the comparison is sexual energy is absorbed , in other words , the general need advice obsidian better wearing the right hand , almost all of the crystals are wearing the left , but only obsidian is wearing the right hand , according to ancient Chinese Air France, are generally is about the principle , so the left hand, while his right hand is on the intake and exhaust all wear their own Obsidian helps to absorb negative energy , including the relatively unclean thing or symptoms of the disease , and even more bad luck all Yes, but oh evil more effectively .
Obsidian because powerful because pure energy , so you can put in place a heavier evil spirits , and even statues made of obsidian , the effect of the evil evil file is good, but please note that obsidian itself can absorb a lot of the main negative energy , but is not clear, so within a certain time , we must purify Obsidian Oh.
Obsidian extreme evil , negative energy can be strong determination , Chinese ancient Buddhist relics , there are quite a lot about the town house or sacred or evil obsidian statue. Obsidian Buddha practice now for the best gems. For crystal between family members , are excluded from one of obsidian strongest negative energy crystals . Therefore, it can be placed where evil spirits heavier , and even statues made of obsidian , evil for evil 's file is a very good effect.

- Shape / Type : Pendant / Charm
- Material / Obsidian
- Standard international shipping ( 10-18 days for delivery )
- Level / Type : 100 / A Type / A level
- Origin: China
- Dimensions: Height 35 mm Width 33 mm Thickness 11mm
- Refractive index: 1.66 - 1.67
- Specific gravity: 3.33 - 3.34
- Colors and varieties: black, cold
- Weight (g / CT): ~ 2.6 g / 13 kt
- Luster: vitreous luster
- Surface texture: COFCO

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Color: Grey

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jfw521180346161 on Mar 5, 2021
2 stars

Order on 2/8/21, money charged, didn't receive my order and never response any email.
Leia0887 on Sep 1, 2018
1 stars

I just received my order and I am very disappointed !! First the pendant is not exactly like the picture : position, details and specially delicacy !! Secondly the necklace is not the same ever ! just few pearls, just a cordon ! I understand better the attractive price...
MStrinado on May 24, 2017
5 stars

Most excellent! Thank-you!
Tzipora396277 on Oct 1, 2016
2 stars

The beads I bought were open carving more rounded beads. Got different beads not as nice and not open carving. The jade is dyed not natural color. At least he sent me a nice sterling necklace with it, maybe because he knew it is not what I paid for.
Patron227988 on Sep 29, 2013
4 stars

Pendants are works of art.

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