Damascus Ring Wedding Band (birds eye pattern)-2613


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Damascus Ring Wedding Band (birds eye pattern)-2613


Own one of these beautiful and elegant, birds eye pattern, Damascus Stainless Steel rings.

This ring is very sophisticated looking. Sells for over $1000 in the stores.
The ideal anniversary gift or wedding ring for both men and women, bride and groom.

Damascus Stainless Steel rings are seamless unlike traditional patterned metal bands.

Damascus Stainless Steel is 100% corrosion-resistant(rust), therefore does not require special handling or treatment.

Take a look at my other Damascus rings that have a wood pattern.

Custom made rings.
Available Sizes : 4 to 16, including 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sizes
Available Widths: 3mm to 8mm.
Available Thickness: 1 to 2.3 mm.
All rings have a comfort fit.

About the Ring:
Ring Width: 4 mm
Ring Sleeve: Stainless Steel
Ring Profile: Round
Ring Finish: Polished

4 mm Damascus Steel

SKU 2613

Patterns are not stamped or printed on the surface.
Damascus Stainless Steel rings are hypoallergenic.
Damascus Stainless Steel rings are much harder and more durable than conventional jewelry metals.

We highly recommend that you get your ring size in a COMFORT FIT measured by reputable jewelers UNTIL at least 2 agree on the same size (law of averages). To ensure we will be making your ring the proper fit, please read the following links:


These rings are not re-sizable.
Leave a note in the "Message to Shop" box DURING CHECKOUT with your ring size and date needed. Please contact us about information on rush orders.

Please read the shop policies page for the RETURNS/REFUNDS policy. You can find the shop policies here -> https://jewelrybyjohan.com/policy-faq/

Please read the shop policies before placing your order, primarily to see what the current TURNAROUND TIME is. You can find the shop policies here -> https://jewelrybyjohan.com/policy-faq/


Contact me for special requests.

Johan Rust

Materials Used

Damascus,Stainless Steel

Product Attributes

Color: Grey

Accepted Payments
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United States
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All Other Countries
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Every ring is crafted specifically for the person ordering it. No two rings are alike as they are handmade.

A photo of the wood can be requested to make choices from. We do our best to please.




We accept PayPal, money orders, and cashiers' checks. Please pay within 3 days, work will start once payment has been received and cleared.


We ship USPS Priority mail within the US for $7.00, Priority Mail to Canada for $20.00 (3 - 5 business days excluding time in customs) and Priority Mail everywhere else for $24.00 under $400.00 value (Delivery in 6 to 10 business days excluding time in customs).

International Duties- Buyers are responsible for duties.
Shipping internationally will go smoothly most of the time. Every so often a package can get stuck in customs please be aware that Jewerly By Johan can't be held responsible for custom delays. We will do everything in our power to help expedite any issues. Any orders shipping international will need to upgrade to FedEx if the order value is more than $400.00.

If you prefer we do also ship FedEx, if you would like us to ship FedEx select it from the shipping upgrade options during checkout, or please contact us.

Jewelry by Johan 1 Year Guarantee

Jewelry by Johan personally Guarantee's all of our Rings to be free from defects and to be the ring you ordered or we will replace it.

Returns: Our rings are designed and made one at a time, based on specifications provided by you, the "customer". If for any reason you decide to return your purchase, please do so within 10 days of receipt. Also please be aware that Jewelry by Johan will apply an in store credit to your account and has the right to use that credit at our discretion to repair, remake, replace and ship said ring to satisfy our guarantee to you the customer. The Guarantee is effective for one (1) year from the date you receive your ring, this date remains the effective date of the guarantee.

Return Policy: We are not responsible for acts of god, miss use or abuse while your ring is not in our possession. Returns will only be accepted for IN-STORE-CREDIT as long as the returned merchandise is in normal wear condition, based on how long you have had the ring.

The Wrong Size Ring was Ordered: Jewelry by Johan, out of loyalty, will split the cost of replacing a miss-sized ring if you return the ring to jewelry by Johan. If you ordered the incorrect size, we will issue you a 50% in store credit based on the full value of the ring when purchased. You the customer will be responsible for the remaining 50% of the cost of making you a new different sized ring.

Engraved Rings: Only apply to manufacturer defects to qualify for the return policy.

Meteorite: Jewelry by Johan will provide cleaning and care instructions for meteorite rings. Rusting of meteorite is not covered under this guarantee.

Canceling the Sale: We reserve the right to cancel any sale if we feel that the buyer is unreasonable, 50% will be refunded if the ring has already been made and is still in our possession. You have 3 business days from the date of purchase to cancel your order for a full refund.

Additional Policies and FAQs


I am very very busy with custom orders.
Normal orders have a waiting period of 7 Weeks, calculated from receipt of FULL payment. The sooner you pay the sooner you will get your ring.

Rings that are made of Precious metals or contain stones will take 10 business days longer as the delivery of materials takes about a week in most cases.
PLEASE NOTE the turnaround time for Dinosaur Bone Rings are constantly changing - please contact me for the current turnaround time.

IMPORTANT - Please ensure that we receive all the information (size, width, profile, finish, material choices*, additional services, etc) pertaining to your order at least FOUR WEEKS after purchase has been received, in order to ensure that your order will be completed by the date quoted previously.

If any modifications to your order is not received within the four weeks, or is changed thereafter, it may result in a delay in production on your order for the duration that has lapsed past the four week deadline.

*not applicable if we send you wood and/or dinosaur bone choices (we would need confirmation on your choice a week after you received your wood and/or dinosaur bone choices)

We reserve the right to make changes to our Policy and listings at any time.
We reserve the right to cancel the sale if we feel that the buyer is unreasonable, 70% will be refunded if the ring has already been made and is in our possession.


The nature of wood is such that it will break down with enough exposure to water. It is recommend you avoid getting your wood rings wet. Moisture may cause certain wood types to color your skin and may change the wood color.

Titanium rings inlaid with wood or stone have a joint that is invisible when it is on the finger. The joint is on the inside of the ring. The strength of these rings are never compromised and are as strong as any other ring.

Dinosaur Bone is scarce therefore Dinosaur Bone colors can not be guaranteed as pictured when your ring is made.

RING ARMOR Waterproofing Service
My new RING ARMOR process will WATERPROOF, STRENGTHEN and PROTECT wood and antler from Water, UV rays, Nicks and Scratches. Ring Armor can only be applied to WOOD and ANTLER.
After many requests I have started a new process that will protect your ring. You never have to take them off, not even when you shower, bath, swim, wash hands, work in the garden, etc. With Ring Armor the ring will be tough as nails, very strong and durable.
It is well known than ANY wood ring, made by ANY jeweler, that are NOT waterproofed, will eventually break if it gets wet, it causes the wood to swell up and then it breaks.
Wood knocked or bashed the right way will easily break without Ring Armor.
I can apply my Ring Armor Water Proofing treatment to ANY existing ring, EVEN those made by other jewelers.
The ring needs no maintenance after the Ring Armor treatment. If dirty, wipe it down with a damp soapy cloth. Rinsed the cloth with plain water so all soap has been removed, wipe down the ring and then dry the ring.
It is an expensive product to purchase, the treatment takes about a day and a bit to apply on your ring.
I have done many tests with this treatment before I started using it. It is extremely strong.
Ring Armor is an extra cost UNLESS the listing mentions that the ring is Waterproof then the cost of the Ring Armor has already been added to the final price. The cost of Ring Armor is $75. Let me know during checkout and I will send you a separate PayPal invoice.
The Ring Armor coating can get damaged if it is hit or banged on any object that can crack or weaken the coating, in which case the waterproofing has been breached and will not protect it any longer.
If the Ring Armor gets damaged I will redo it for $15 (touch-up).


Type: Lustrous precious metal, valued for its beauty.

Sterling: .925 sterling silver.

Durability: Pure silver is relatively soft, very malleable, and easily damaged so it is commonly combined with other metals to produce a more durable product. The silver we use consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of alloy.

Color: White.

Finish: Polish, bright and sparkling.


Meteorites are formed as they travel through space and millions of years later they may land on earth. They are never perfect so please expect that there may be imperfections in the meteorite.

Care must be taken to keep meteorite away from chemicals (chlorine, bleach, swimming pools, etc.) especially anything with an acid in it.
You can use toothpaste at any time to clean the surface of the meteorite. Get yourself some 90% alcohol from the pharmacy and soak it for about 10 minutes in a cup to drive away any moisture when needed. Remove the ring and dispose of the alcohol in an acceptable way. Wipe down the ring with a paper towel and set it down to dry. The alcohol will evaporate.
Meteorite rings can be re-etched at any time. Contact me if you want it done.


1. Can rings be re-polished?


Over time, the ring may have some scuff marks and the finish may alter. A re-finishing process can be used to restore the ring's natural brilliance.

2. What are the cleaning instructions for a wood ring ?

You can clean your wood rings with a little water and vegetable oil on a dampened cotton cloth. Then, buff dry with a jewelry cloth.

3. How long does a wood-ring last?

With proper care, a wood ring will last for years and years. Avoid exposing the ring to strong hard chemicals.

4. Can you use another type of metal other than silver?

Silver may be substituted by white/yellow gold if requested (additional cost).

5. Can another type of wood be used?


Wood that have passed our tests for durability and shine under the toughest conditions can be used. Contact us for other options.

6. Can I ship my order to an international location (outside North America)?


All orders destined outside North America, please add US $41. Allow an additional 4-5 days for delivery.

7. What happens if I order the wrong size?

Our rings are made to the exact size provided by yourself to us. Any error in sizing necessitates the crafting of a new ring. Wrongly sized rings may be returned, along with 50% of the initial expense, in order to cover the additional costs of creating a new ring. Once completed, the new ring will be shipped to you.

8. Is Rush Shipping available?

Not at this time.

9.Will my wood ring (color) look like the photos when I get it.

Maybe. The photo is an example made from a part of the wood. The shape and the wood type will be the same. Your ring will be made from similar wood but may vary in color, etc.


crochetbylorileigh on Jul 31, 2011
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