Ceramic Raku Jizo / Baby Buddha / Parent Saint / Protector /Yoga

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Ceramic Raku Jizo / Baby Buddha / Parent Saint / Protector /Yoga


Ceramic Raku Jizo / Baby Buddha / Parent Saint / Protector / Meditation and Yoga aid

He has been beautifully and carefully hand crafted by myself.

Then glazed and Raku fired. Raku Firing is a special Japanese glazing technique in which the ceramic, piping red hot is removed from the kiln and placed in a barrel, sprinkled with wood chips and paper and "steamed" for 5 minutes. The result leaves a lovely crackling effect on the glaze. It is often unpredictable and always surprising.

I became interested in Jizo when travelling in Japan and noticing many small shrines dedicated to this deity. He is considered the protector of women, children and travellers. He is also sometimes called in Japanese a Bosatsu ( or monk), baby buddha, Mizuko (protector of water children or children who pass away while in the womb). In Japan, families who lose a child before it's born, often take part in a ritual to help it's soul or spirit find it's way to the next world. O-jizo is seen to be watching over and protecting the spirit of these lost beings. It is common to see knitted or crocheted hats on jizo figures.

He is also sometimes seen as a parenting aid, or parent saint and a spiritual guide whose presence helps one remember patience and good parenting skills. And he looks over people who are travelling. They always need a little help.

All in all he is a good guy to have around. he watched over you. Watches over your kids. And acts as a sort of invisible protector.
He is also a good addition to a shrine, and a meditation aid.

Helpful little guy. You need him. I'm sure. Trust me.

This jizo is mostly white, with some turquoise and dark spots. he has a nice energy about him.

Product Attributes

Size: 8 x 6 x 6 cm

Color: Black

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