Thanaka Powder Pure from Myannmar 50 G


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Thanaka Powder Pure from Myannmar 50 G


Thanaka Powder Pure from Myanmar 50 G

Made From Thanaka Bark , Original from Myanmar
Color Yellowish-White
For External Use Soap additive, scrub , mask , add to lotion.

Thanaka is a wonderful facial base powder that is purely made from 100% organic and natural Asian tree wood and bark which is the Limonia acidissima tree. The wood and bark has been used extensively as a natural cosmetic, sunscreen, anti-ageing, and insect repellent since the ancient times. Coumarin is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, petrochemical, and an anti-ageing and anti-oxidant agent. This ingredient has the ability to remove all kinds of fungi and bacteria present in the human skin while strongly producing two major proteins, collagen and elastin.
These proteins revert premature ageing that keeps skin young looking, supple, and elastic.
The marmesin ingredient act as a shield of skin from harmful UV-B rays, which is the cause of the increase production of melanin in our skin that results in skin freckles, discoloration, and even skin cancer. It also naturally protects the skin from harmful UV-A rays that diminishes both skin moisture and proteins which causes premature ageing, wrinkles, fine lines and also improving your skin.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I used Thanaka Powder for Handmade Soap.
MP Soap (Melt&Pour) you may try the clear glycerin that you will get the golden glitter from the Thanaka Powder.
The color is very beautiful but need to stir the powder if not the powder will be sunk at the bottom. and you will see the golden at only one side.
HP Process Soap, It is not so interested for the appearance but it is give the good smooth when I use on my skin.
Please fill them in appropriated when you try.

Direction for DIY
1. Mix with water. Apply on your face as the foundation Cream before make up to protect your face from Sunlight.
2.Mix with water and cucumber to scrub your face and body to be smooth and whiten.
3.Mix with water and apply to your skin to reduce itchy and irritation.
For specific skin types

Dry > Mix with HONEY
Dark Spot > Mix with Tamarind Ripe Water
Brighten Result > Mix with Turmeric powder
Soften & Brighten > Mix with Yogurt

Mix well and mark to your face 30 Mins till firmly dried.
Then, Gently scrub. You can fell your face soften and brighten after 3-5 days continue use.

More Info

There are many similar tree of Thanaka in Southeast Asia but the effective is different.
Actually, there is Thanaka Tree in Thailand but I already try it not same benefit.
Thailand Thanaka powder is only give the cool effective , not like Thanaka Bark from Myanmar.
So, I decided to provide only Myanmar Thanaka in my Shop.
You may found the cheaper one from another shop but please be avoid because It is not easy to get Thanaka Bark from Maynmar.
It may be came from only the northern of Thailand,not from Myanmar.
My Aunt, she import Thanaka Bark from Myanmar and pay for the custom tax.
So, you can be sure that my Thanaka power is real.

Product Attributes

Color: Yellow

Weight: 50 Gram

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> Refunds and Exchanges
The herbal using may be side effect depend on individual.
I don't response for any individual reaction or mistake using.
Please study and consult with the doctor or expert before you using.
Testing in small pacth before you use on your skin in order to avoid any reaction.
The refund shall be discuss on case by case.
The refund amount is half of the product cost, the shipping cost not be accepted to refund.
Please kindly make sure before you proceed any order.

> Caution and Warning
Alternative medicine has become quite popular once again. One aspect of alternative medicine is the use of herbs for common ailments and disease prevention.
Many people tend to believe that because herbs are all natural they are much safer than a man made drug.
Not all herbs are created equal. Each herb does a different thing for the body and mind. Most herbs are user friendly and do not harm the body while helping it.
However, there are some herbs that do more harm than good. It is definitely a good idea to steer clear of these specific herbs, for the sake of your health and safety.
Herbs have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal and preventing qualities. Recently, people are once again discovering just how beneficial that they can be.
ALL herbs, if misused or abused, can cause you very serious side affects and health problems.
Common side affects that may arise with the overuse of herbs are stomach cramps, trembling, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath and impaired abilities. Please study and consult with your doctor before using any herbal remedy.


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