Superhero Powers Ritual Flight Strength Telekinesis Immortality Spell


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Superhero Powers Ritual Flight Strength Telekinesis Immortality Spell


The offering that you are to read about is unquestionably the most dramatic life shift that any individual spirit can experience in this existence. It is of paramount importance that if you are to consider purchasing, and having this massive, sprawling ritual held for you that you fully understand what you are undertaking, and the very real, very serious changes that you will experience.

I cannot overstate this: SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY

A link, below, has been provided for your viewing enjoyment. I encourage you to read on, and also to watch the linked video.

There will be serious consequences if this power is bestowed upon you, and is mistreated. Concurrently, there can be incredible, life altering changes for the positive, for yourself, and for others if you honor this power, and treat it with the respect it deserves.

The power of the Grisuu is an ancient advanced form of alchemy that was perfected, tested, noted, documented carefully, and then lost in the 1820's. The documentation for this ritual was kept secret, safe, and away from prying eyes for nearly 180 years. The process of holding this ritual was released only upon the passing of it's 6th curator, a man named Marcus Bonsacio, in 2001.

Lord Bonsacio chose to break the code of silence sworn by 5 different Men before him, generation after generation, to keep this ritual process, this discovery, under lock and key. The fear these honorable Men held is one that I briefly touched on. The fear was, that is this level of power, seen only in Super Hero movies, and written in sensationalized fictional literature, were to exist within the embodiment of a real human being, that the lust for power could drive said person in to using the powers for evil, versus using them for light, and for love.

Lord Bonsacio had a greater faith in humanity, as do I.

Upon his nearing death, Lord Bonsacio left a notation with a trusted friend, and instructed this Woman to deliver his words, sealed in an envelope by an old world wax stamp, directly to the former High Priestess of my Coventry. My mentor.

She held some apprehension at the process as well, and chose, while she was actively practicing magick, to also not offer this ritual.

It is with her blessing and love, her assurance, and trust, that after FOUR long years of testing this theorem that I can offer to you today.

I hold faith in humanity.

I believe in dreams coming true.

I believe in good, in light, and in love.

If you are to have this massive ritual held for you, your life will never be the same. Far from it. Ascension to a greater plane of reality is possible for a very select few. The people that have acquired similar powers are cloaked in secrecy. You would never know of their existence, but they are around you.

The powers and abilities that will manifest within you, for your own use, after a short period of time are, but are not limited to:




Mental Power Control


Time Travel

Astral Travel

Physical Morphing

With these powers, your desires, whatever they are - Money, power, fame, sexual desires.. They can be yours. You can control your existence each, and every day. Mold your life as you see fit.

The possibilities are endless.

If you are seriously considering having this ritual held I want you to first take the time to realize what you are undertaking. This sort of ritual should not be entered in to lightly.

We first held this ritual in 2010, and have been working with it since that time.

If you wish to see proof of these claims I will direct you to this link:

While I cannot, for legal reasons, state that what you see in this video was as a result of the person in the video having a ritual held for them, I also will not deny involvement.

Be your own judge.

Upon your purchase you'll be contact directly so that we can begin to discuss your situation, and your desires. Each, and every spell that we cast is 100% customized to meet our client's unique, specific desires. I will ask you to share with me some basic information (your name, and astrology sign). Beyond that, anything that you wish to share, or discuss with me is entirely up to you. I hold your privacy to the utmost level of importance. ANYTHING discussed between you, and I will be kept between you and I. I take your privacy VERY seriously.

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Refund Policy & Purchase Agreement:

Never any questions asked, never any hassle for 30 days from the date your ritual is cast, and/or 30 day from the date you receive your package. The date that your ritual is cast coincides with the email that I send to you that reviews, and discusses your ritual work as having been held. That is when the 30 days begin. You agree to this by purchasing our service.

If at the 30 day mark you are not thrilled with the results that we have provided, it is my policy to offer a more aggressive recasting for you at no additional charge, if you wish.

Magick can create incredible realities that cannot be created elsewhere. That said - Magick is not instant gratification. Magick is not a drive through window.

Can our work provide very swift results? Yes, it absolutely can, and that is our chief goal, each, and every time we cast for a client of ours. If a ritual takes some time to manifest it is not by design, it's the simple nature of magick, and energy work.

I will ask for your permission, if a refund is requested, to perform a full reversal, and disbanding of the energies of the ritual cast.

You will not be entitled to a refund if you refuse to allow the ritual(s) to be reversed. By reversing the ritual cast we ensure that we are not being taken advantage of.

Any requests for a refund after 30 days have passed are at the discretion of the seller. You agree to all of the aforementioned information when purchasing our service.

Shipping Policy:

All shipments are made worldwide via the United States Postal Service. We ship once or twice per week, usually on Mondays, and Fridays. If you would like to have your item tracked, or would like to add a signature/delivery confirmation please inform us of that, and we will accommodate.


Amar7 on Aug 16, 2020
1 stars

Lottery numbers failed to win, asking Tess why, she said she didn't promise they win immediately, Millionaire in 3 months didn't work either in improving anything in my financial situation, the only one who gained in this transaction is Tess alias Mysticlunar alone. I don't recommend her, in the beginning she seemed trustworthy with her attentive friendly communication, but in the end she showed her true face, asking for 100% satisfaction guarantee she ignored, putting the blame on me that I misunderstood it. 50$ + lottery tickets wasted.
Alexani on Jun 22, 2017
5 stars

I love this lady and her coven. I just felt a real connection with her even from the moment I read the bio. She's a great communicator and I loved how after the spell was cast she emailed me in great detail about the spell casting. I'm so lucky to have found Tess and would highly recommend her. If I ever need another spell cast, I wont hesitate to go to her.

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