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White Pearl and Abalone Silver Pendant curated by mrsshellsandsilver

  • MSS:PS362 Shiva Shell On Abalone Disc 925 Silver Pendant Jewelry Gifts
    MSS:PS363 Abalone White Pearl MOP 925 Silver Pendant Jewelry Gift Idea

    Beautiful Abalone and White Mother of Pearl 925 Sterling Silver Round Pendant. Great gift idea for this summer. Product Detail: Metal: 925 Sterling Silver Marking: 925 Shiva Shell Quantity: Abalone (1) + White Pearl (1) Shape: Round Dimension: 30 X 30 mm. Total Measurement: 30 X 30 mm. Total Measurement with Bail: 30 X 35 mm. Style: Casual Special Finish: Abalone and White Mother of Pearl ** Please note that your purchased item may be slightly different in color from the photo due to monitor display setting on each computer ** The pattern of the natural shell and or stones inlaid may vary slightly from piece to piece Abalone Shell Meanings, Properties & Qualities The colors of the ocean are in an abalone shell, and are soft to the touch from repeated tumbles in the sand and water. It also has ripples on it which look like the ripples made by waves on sand. Shells are part of a living ecosystem, made up from calcium carbonate and grow in the ocean. Many types of shell have been used instead of gemstones for centuries. Popular types of shell include pearl, abalone and paua. Abalone shell has been used for centuries in jewellery and carvings. In the Apache tradition a disc of abalone shell is worn on the forehead of Apache girls, on the morning of their initiation into womanhood. Abalone shell is great for working through emotional issues, as it encourages calmness, soothing in emotional situations, stimulates our intuition and imagination. Holding a piece of abalone shell makes you feel beauty, love, comfort, caring, gentleness, delight, peacefulness, and solace. Abalone shell helps strengthen the structure of the body and the functions of the heart chakra, strengthens the immune system, muscle tissues and the heart. Abalone shell may be helpful in cases of arthritis and/or other joint disorders. Abalone Shell jewelry makes for a wonderful gift because of its natural beauty coupled with its spiritual meanings. Please do not hesitate to email if you have questions. Thank you very much for visiting Mrs. Shells and Silver! XOXO, Mrs. Shells

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